Euthypro's Dilemma: Is the objective good whatever God says (in that case it is subject to whim and relativism) or is there an objective good without God (in that case God is just a messenger)? Plus, how does God implant goodness into you? Plus, how do people distinguish good and evil in holy books when there are so many contradictions (God slaughters children and commands people to kill and then tells others not to kill)? This becomes a question of deciding between the existence or the importance of God. The logic states that if God exists, he is trivial. Or, if God is important to our morality, then he does not exist. Ask a theist one of these questions when they tell you that you can't be good without God. Thanks to August Berkshire for the thoughtful idea on the Atheist Experience. We all understand intuitively that supernatural beliefs and morality are totally unrelated. Euthypro's dilemma lays out a good logical case for this gut feeling of ours.

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