Although disabled, I have always loved my work with pet animals.  I finally got approved for the ticket to work program through Social Security and I am back to working part time in Pet Grooming and dermatology.  This is a recent conversation with the Evangelical Veterinarian's right-hand, ninja warrior for god.


Set the scene: I have a psycho cat that is coming at me with claws, teeth, anal discharges.  I finally get it calmed and secured to my grooming table and I am petting him and talking sweetly to him.  I called the vet for assistance by providing an injectable sedative for said cat.  Vet's right-hand, ninja warrior walks in:


NW: I think all nasty animals should be euthanized!

Me:  Who died and made you champion of the universe?

NW:  Oh, so you would choose this nasty, evil cat over your children?

Me:  Where the hell did that come from?  Did you bring the shot??????

NW:  Dr. Wiggins(name changed to protect the ignorant) is coming right over.

Me: I do not think Acepromazine will help this kitty, I hope he is bringing something to knock him out.  He is covered in fleas and flea bite dermatitis and I hope to give him some relief.

NW:  Why do you care?  It is an evil, nasty cat? Screw evil, nasty cats!

Me:  Well, I care because this is my chosen profession, I am being paid to provide a service by folks that expect me to treat their pets as if they were mine.

NW:  Well, acepromazine is used to declaw cats!!!  They feel every single ounce of the pain but are unable to respond to it!!

Me:  What kind of ass-monkey veterinarian with access to any number of sedatives and anesthesia would put a cat through that??  Do you think because you are human you are superior to animals, giving you the right to abuse and extinguish them as you find necessary??

NW: You are crazy......(Stompstompstomp, slamming door)


god created her that smart and kind.....

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Comment by Paula Michelle C. on June 20, 2011 at 7:33am
Well Amanda you have changed my thinking!  Before chatting with you I could find NO good reason to declaw a cat! Declawing, in my newly adopted opinion, is far better than a traumatic cycle of new homes for his hissy-pissy kitty behavior and far better than him clawing up the other kitties!! Give him a scratch under the chin for me and tell him stories of the dog pound!  It will be just like christian parents telling stories of hell, fire, and brimstone!
Comment by amanda alexander on June 19, 2011 at 8:03pm
Ugh i plurilized cats >.< i ment to say him and he
Comment by amanda alexander on June 19, 2011 at 8:02pm
I actually had my cats put out completely when declawed (the male was attacking the female and hurting her really badly so I had to do it) I just got them declawed when they got fixed. I made sure they were out, I wouldn't let my cats go through surgery without being copletely unconcious. The female isn't declawed though because she didn't hurt the other cats and the other cats aren't declawed it was only that particuliar male, but i made sure he was out. It's a horrible thought to make them feel pain like that. The other cats get their claws clipped (I groom them because I am used to being scratched up anyway)
Comment by Paula Michelle C. on June 19, 2011 at 1:11pm

Keep up the good work with our furry feline pirates!


The cat actually exhibits the behavior most every time someone, even the owners, picks him up.  I have groomed him a few times without incident, with this type of behavior being described to me. Regardless, I TOTALLY agree with you....let's strap the staff and vets that support declawing with acepromazine to a table and administer acepromazine and rip their nails out!  If declawing a cat crosses one's mind when considering adoption of a cat then you are NOT a rational, loving pet owner!  Abort mission!

Comment by amanda alexander on June 19, 2011 at 12:59pm

I own cats O.O Lots of cats. I am the crazy cat lady... I find feral cats and humanize them, get them fixed and find them homes... This really disturbs me. I think that the cat was scared because you were grooming him, not being evil and nasty. Maybe that person should have their nails pulled out while being made motionless with valium. He would still feel the pain just be unable to respond to it. Sounds like a plan. But that's just my eye for an eye sense talking. I know what it feels like to have a nail ripped off, I wouldn't actually wish that pain on someone else (ripped my actual nail off trying to take off a false nail quickly when i was in cosmetology class in highschool... horrible)




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