Even if jesus ever even existed in the first place.......

Would he have been the son of god? There is no god so that one is out........would he have been deeply indoctrinated to think he was and was sent here to save the world.....most likely......sad thing to do to a child.....to place something that big on his shoulders......nope I think that if jesus ever did exsist he would have been a kind,loving and compassionate homeless drifter,possibly gay and hated the church priest and doctrine as well as the hypocrites of the times........he certainly would not have supported a government based on hate,greed and control.....he would have been a beautiful humanist who loved the poor and the downtrodden......the son of god? Definitely not........a great man who loved his fellow man........no doubt! For what it's worth......just sayin' Have a wonderful weekend all and peace be with you and yours allways!

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Comment by Michael Penn on January 27, 2014 at 6:55am

IF Jesus ever did really exist as a real person we have all of the controversies to deal with in the gospels and the bible as a whole. He simply could not have been loving and wanting war at the same time. He appears to have said so many contradictory things that he would have been a lunatic OR maybe he was made up. The bible writers appear to have taken different themes at different times (or made some of them up) and they strung them all together. Peter's gospel was not even included in the bible because it claimed that Jesus did not suffer on the cross. (oh, we can't have that.) The geneology is messed up, and the resurection stories vary in how many angels, etc. With all of this written many years after Jesus died, it would appear that the writers put into the stories that which they wanted.

Based on a real man of the times, but with many pretenders to Messiahship, the Jesus stories have been greatly borrowed on from other myths before. Whether this would have made any real historical Jesus a homosexual is damned near impossible to say.



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