The religious would have us believe intelligent design...  I don't wish to convert anyone, but I'll state what I learned.  I raised & studied wolves & hybrids for 20 years.  Started with white Siberian Wolf and white G. Shepherd mix.  Recessive genes?  I gradually increased wolf % in hybrids.  A number of mutations * occurred!  A few, in nature, might have led to new, survivable kinds.  Others were degenerate.  It's too much to go into here.  My point is that it all appeared RANDOM!  No intelligent design!  Methinks evol.= random!

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Comment by Randall Smith on March 1, 2013 at 7:40am

Agreed. Luck of the draw. The whole world is based on this. By the way, I live near "Wolf Park" in Battleground, IN. Ever hear of it?



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