We opened our eyes and our minds
in the far recesses of time 
and discovered an object we would come to call a tree.
A river flowed beside, 
while above the warm sun sat high, 
and we pondered ever so curiously.

Answers were sought, 
which led to the first human thought, 
being slowly and ignorantly formed.
It is a natural defense, 
A primitive mind's response while trying to making sense 
of the origins of things that are unknown.

So to fill the gaps, 
a story was invented equally full of cracks, 
but the blind are unable to see the flaws
It was a fantastic idea made, 
HALLELUJA! all the mysteries are finally explained, 
the wood, water and sky fire must surely be Gods!

For every valued resource wanted or needed, 
a brand new deity attached and created, 
revered by the ones who benefit.
more and more prayers are spoken, 
and soon sacrifice would be the new token, 
to ensure the faithful would continue to profit.

As days go on and years pass by, 
human intelligence does multiply 
and the real truth was there all along to find
That together, water and sun help the tree, 
and in return its leaves give us oxygen to breath, 
none of it was ever divine

That the blood of animal and man 
does nothing more than soil the sand 
and to teach a hard lesson learned.
It could be seen as smart, 
to understand something before you start, 
spouting fantasies that are unconfirmed.

Yet we still hear and see, 
the righteous pointing fingers and shouting HERESY 
at those who wish to think things through
For millennium you killed and still you fight, 
trying to prove which faith is right, 
when...just like all that came before....
none of them are, or ever will be, true

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