Examples of Modern Religious Discrimination

I was reviewing the stats for my website and saw that somebody had been referred to my site from Yahoo Answers. So I clicked the link and this is what I saw . . .


It turned out to be a question I answered 3 years ago and had forgotten all about.  Somebody found it and clicked on the accompanying link to my website.

When I wrote the reply, it was just a quick (facetious) answer with just the examples that came immediately to mind.  I thought atheists here could probably think of many more examples that I (and/or anybody else) could then compile into a satirical piece for my website (and here).

It should be fun to see what you all come up with.

N O T E :

After posting this, I saw that it is difficult to read from the screenshot, so here's the relevant text:


What are some modern day examples of religious discrimination?


Terrorists insist on being Muslim

The first President Bush declared atheists untrustworthy.

People laugh at the new Creation Museum.

Seventh Day Adventists get doors slammed in their faces.

Pope Benedict XVI slams Islam.

Muslim clerics slam everybody and anybody who is NOT Muslim (by the way, "Islam" is "I slam" without a space).

Science keeps forcing religion to backpedal on doctrine.

Voters and courts keep rejecting Intelligent Design (and affirming evolution) in public schools.

After thousands of years, supernatural entities are STILL prevented from leaving evidence of their existence.

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Comment by annet on September 19, 2011 at 9:19am
duh, okay I get it now... :)
Comment by Atheist Exile on September 19, 2011 at 2:18am

Hi AnneT,

Like I said . . . I was being facetious.  We normally think of religious discrimination as denying rights to somebody because of his religion.  But I've mostly shown religion giving or experiencing hardship not normally associated to actual religious discrimination.  The following list interprets the original examples:

Terrorists discriminate against all religions except Islam.

The President, a Christian, discriminates against atheists.

Everybody, except fundamentalist Christian numbskulls laugh at the Creation Museum.

Seventh Day Adventists gets doors slammed in their faces indiscriminately.

The Pope has made disparaging remarks about Islam.

Muslim clerics disapprove of anything not Muslim.

Science keeps embarrassing religion.

The public (overall) denies validity to Intelligent Design.

The laws of nature have conspired to prevent evidence of the supernatural.




Comment by annet on September 18, 2011 at 4:46pm
I like the list mostly and it is neat that someone used you as a source but how is rejecting intelligent design discrimination? (in the derogatory sense of the word)?



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