I am so tired, so exhausted, by the discussions of atheism vs religion.  Am I supposed to continue from this point in my life to the end of my existence arguing against the obvious?  

God does not exist.  When I was a child, growing up and first realizing that there was a larger world outside my small town, outside my religious fellowship, that did not accept, that frankly was too sophisticated to acknowledge the existence of God...that it was this world I wanted to be a part of, that it was to this adult understanding I wanted to achieve and accept...that I attached the prime goal of 'growing up' too.  

When did we...the world of the intelligentsia I sought to be a part of...into this adolescent discussion of whether God existed or not?  It was assumed by Dorthy Parker and Ernest Hemingway and all the other heroes I had that God was a fiction created for the benefit of those lesser minds who had yet to grasp the sophistication and the intelligence of those who had gone beyond.  Yet, here I am, 62 years old, and I find myself constantly in discussion about issues that should have long ago been settled.

God does not exist.

There is no argument about this fact, at least not in the writings of the masters who have gone before me.  You would think that once this fact was established there would be no further need of discussion.

There have always been the 'wise men' of past generations going back to the first tentative folk beliefs of a few thousand years ago.  The wise of every culture, since the very foundations of religion, understood that god or the gods did not exist, but were rather constructs necessary for the keeping of the ordinary, riff-raff of the populace in line.  Am I to discuss such things, seriously, today in a modern world that has uniequivocalbly proven the non-existence of god or gods?  For what purpose?  Shall I convince the masses that their belief in God is foolishness?  Why?  Even if it were important, why bother?

The ignorant masses will always believe in Gods and Godesses.  It is far better to accept this fact than to struggle against it.  And the Wise will always know such beliefs are false, even though they may be benifical in keeping the lower classes in line?.  This is the way it has been since the beginning of human culture.  Fools believe, the wise know.  Shall we let the fools believe as they will?

That is the question we, the wise, must answer.

For if the belief of the fools threatens the very existence of our species should we not, in some manner or fashion yet undecided, try to avert this destruction?

But how?  Can we, through education, make the fools wise?

We can't.  That is the simplest answer.  

History rolls on.  We can either put our selves in alignment with the path or we can stand against it.  But, in the end, history will have it's way no matter which choice we make.

History, the weight of the past that propels us into the future, can be influenced.  

Today, this being Friday, February 15, we came within fifteen minutes of a catastophic collision with an asteroid the size of half a football field.  Yes, our environment could have absorbed the effects of such a direct hit.  But the changes would have had world wide repercussions...if nothing else, in propelling the global climate change on a radical and more undeniable direction.  

Do we want to direct the history of our planet...our species?  If so, how do we want to direct this history?  In what direction?  And by what means?

We live in a world in which the future is not determined.  The human species has taken ourselves out of the process of Darwinian Natural Selection.  We now have a choice.  Which direction should history of our species take?  We can determine the direction of our own evolution.

The wise of our generation can take the process of natural selection that was forced upon us and now control the direction of our own evolutionary path.

We can make a future that will be the future we desire it to be.

Or we can refuse the awesome responsibility that is in our power, can turn our back on it, and let the future that is determined for us occur.

Free will.

Such a frightenening concept.  We don't want free will.  We run from the responsibility inherent in the concept of free will.  We sacrifice our free will to the first God or cult leader speaking in the name of god we can find.

Free will.

For the first time in our history we have the option of choosing which direction we would have our species take.  

We can control our future, the future of our species.  We are at a cusp, at a point at which the didection we choose will determine the path we will set ourselves upon.

Will we set ourselves upon a path determined by the Wise?

Or will we let the fools, the riff-raff, determin our future?

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