Exploring Conspiracy: Persisting delusions of Mind-Control & Alien Abduction

This post is a follow up to an earlier article detailing some of my encounters and conversations with people who believe they have been abducted by aliens. Some who have followed previous writings of mine may find some informational redundancies but, while continuing my narrative, I also like each article to be able to stand alone...
The UFO conference takes a delirious and sour turn with a presentation titled Mind-Control & UFOs: Who’s Really in Charge Here?, presented by a former Indonesian translator for the US State Department, Fred Burks.

On his website, Burks claims to have “interpreted for Bush, Clinton, Gore, Cheney, and many other top officials of the US and other countries. Having participated in numerous secret meetings where the only people allowed  were the principals and their interpreters.”  Consequently, “he has acquired important inside information and contacts.”  It is upon this shaky foundation of credibility -- the idea of the all-access functionary fully briefed upon the darkest, most subterranean state secrets -- that Burks justifies his espousal of a conspiracy theory regarding secret government programs of Ritual Abuse, Mind-Control, and UFO cover-up.

Not that the conference has proven restrained in speculative leaps till now, what with an early presentation by a woman named Ann Eller, who told of her “praying mantis” spirit guide, her visions of extraterrestrial hieroglyphs, and her ability to sense the shape of the UFOs above us with but the power of her intuitive mind alone.  Severely limiting her time as a prognosticator, but in keeping with the conference’s catastrophic millenarian subplot, Eller advised us that the end will likely come even before the much-publicized end of the Mayan calendar in 2012... though she finds credibility in the 2012 doomsday theory that states that a hidden planet, Planet X, “Niburu”, will bring upon The End when it collides with Earth.
We also have already heard from a speaker named Neil Freer who knows, as items of fact, not only that aliens have indeed been visiting us, but where they came from, their cultural peculiarities, and that they (these “Annunaki”) even manufactured homosapiens in an impetuous little past episode of genetic experimentation.  The upshot of this revelation is that the juvenile little Creationist v. Evolution debate of ours is now resolved: “They are both partly correct”, Freer told his (no doubt relieved) audience.

Freer, in a sudden fit of candid lucidity, admitted that his “only basis for credibility here” is the unverifiable claim that he has “been at this” since the age of six... when he was first abducted by extraterrestrials.

Outlandish, to say the least -- But all of this uninhibited free-form folklore is undeniably entertaining.

Burks’s lecture, on the other hand, darkens the carefree stream-of-consciousness mood with its invocation of the terrestrial-based Invisible Hand -- the secretive, highly organized, omnipresent “They” who manipulate world events and individual lives, ever inching themselves nearer to unconcealed and total domination.

Burks informs us that the government has been brainwashing innocent civilians into robotized slaves for use in assassinations and political blackmail plots.  Chandra Levy -- the Washington, D.C. Federal Bureau of Prisons intern who, upon investigation of her death in 2001, was found to have been involved in an extramarital affair with then-U.S. representative Gary Condit -- was a blackmail “Manchurian Candidate”, we’re told.  Memories are controlled and manipulated through hypnosis.  In an instance where you have three witnesses to a UFO... and they’re each giving conflicting reports... their memories have probably been hypnotically jumbled regarding the details...  All part of the UFO cover-up.  Torture is being used to fracture the psyche’s of unwitting pawns into a controlled and contrived condition of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).  There are documents to prove it all.

Reference to the mythic psychiatric diagnosis of MPD is hardly shocking, as it is a common contemporary accessory to the most crass and outrageous of paranoid delusions.  Wherever I’ve found MPD, I’ve also found Conspiracy Theory... sometimes in the background, other times quite out in the open.  The theory of MPD holds that some traumas can prove so ruinous to the victim’s psyche that, in order to cope with the reality of it, memory of the trauma is repressed, compartmentalized... hidden away.  The mind is splintered, divided into separate personalities which “recurrently take control of the person's behavior".  Treatment for this condition often relies upon the recovery of these repressed traumatic memories. The victim, it is presumed, must confront these hidden traumas so as to assimilate them into the conscious mind, thereby making the mind "whole" again.

Diagnosis of MPD -- despite the suggested conspicuousness of such symptoms -- is said to require the keen and dexterous wit of an experienced expert.  Sudden changes in character aren’t always going to be apparent... No, this condition is a subtle beast.  Upon gaining popularity in the 80s, many therapists began to discriminate dim clues to dormant alternative personalities in their clients’ most general manifestations of malaise. Anxiety?  Depression?  Hmm.  Have you considered you may have been raped, only to forget all about it thereafter?  To be sure, the memory is still there, it is “repressed” in your unconsciousness mind, exhibiting itself outwardly as this anxiety and depression you’re feeling...

This is a confusing scenario... no real way to argue against it.  Here you presumably have a person in some form of mental distress, willing to submit to the authority of an “expert” to divine the reasons for this dysfunction.  The “expert” suggests repressed memories.  It’s futile and pointless for one to observe that she has no recollection of what she’s supposed to have forgotten.  What’s more, “denial” is a common first response.

From such suspect beginnings, those diagnosed as having MPD may be brought under hypnosis, sodium amytal, guided imagery sessions, or just encouraged to try to remember the traumatic memories hidden within.  Fleeting imagery of such scenarios in the mind, bad dreams... these can signal the surfacing of these memories.  Under hypnosis, as an exorcist speaking to parasitic demons within, the therapist accesses the various personalities residing in the fractured individual, culling from them their unique, yet ultimately unified, histories.

It is axiomatic among therapists who subscribe to this recovered memory folly that their presumed “victims” must be believed.  So it is that tales of long-running, episodic abuses of the most heinous variety are accepted at face-value, and in the face of lack of corroboration, or even falsifying evidence.  This is where conspiracy theories spiral wildly unchecked... in the therapists office, behind client confidentiality... the therapist certain something sinister is afoot... the client trying to produce the right answers... fabrications and confabulations taken as historical truths... dis-confirming evidence is evidence of a massive, pervasive, world-engulfing cover-up...

Most everybody is aware of the idea of an MPD condition, as it has proven an intriguing plot device in good number of Hollywood fictions.  Many people are also aware of MPD’s faddish rise in the 1980s, and its role in the “Satanic Panic” modern witch-hunts that resulted as MPD clients claimed to have recovered memories of involvement in horrible cult crimes.  Few people, though, seem aware that nothing has really changed since the most public day-care abuse scandals and anti-satanic moral outrages... No censure of Recovered Memory Therapies from psychiatry’s primary officiating body, The American Psychiatric Association (APA).  And despite a lack of scientific evidence in support of MPD as a naturally occurring condition, as opposed to an iatrogenic creation of insidiously coercive therapies -- and against the protests of informed professionals in the field -- the APA also intends to include MPD (under its current branding of “Dissociative Identity Disorder” [DID]) in their revised Diagnostic & Statistical Manual (DSM), the next edition of which is due out within the next few years.


Worse, delusional therapists espousing vulgar and witless notions of fantasized conspiracies are still quite present, though having been discredited in the mainstream since those halcyon days when they found fleeting favor among daytime television audiences.  Organizations like S.M.A.R.T. (Stop Mind-control And Ritual abuse Today) — coordinated by a man who claims to have been a brain-washed victim of the “Masonic/Illuminati” — host at their annual conferences, and publish in their newsletters, not only licensed therapists you may encounter in the field, but also characters like William Schnoebelen. The remarkable Mr. Schnoebelen warns of demonic UFOs, claims to have been a vampire, declares he achieved the rank of 90th degree Freemason, says he was a Satanic High Priest — even claims to have met Satan himself! — before awakening to the Glory of Christ.  An organization called “Survivorship” (“For survivors of Ritual Abuse, mind control and torture and their allies”) provides on their website a helpful calendar of “Difficult Dates” which lists “satanic, nazi, and polytheistic cult holidays… compiled from reports by Surviorship members”, as well as advice on how to cope with “government/military mind control (MC)”.  Survivorship offers regular professional “webinars” at $50 per session.

Burks, for his unhinged drivel regarding brain-washing and UFO cover-ups is by no means alone in his lunacy.

By the way, Burks also tells us, it turns out that the much-feared HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), for all its talk of “ionospheric research”, is being misused by stir-crazy bunker-bound agents to mischievously alter our very moods and dispositions at random.  Burks has felt these sudden mood changes himself.  He’s receptive to these devious subtleties.  So in tune is he, Fred explains, “I have a connection with beings who are not in bodies.”

He’s sorry to be the one to have to tell us about all of this unpleasantness.  Really, he is.  Burks reminds us, though, that depraved as their activities are, even these government agents who use ritual torture, methodical forms of trauma-inducing and mind-control-facilitating Satanic abuse... even they have a heart.  Everybody has a heart.  Everybody just wants to love and be loved. In fact, Burks digresses, why don’t we take a moment to feel our “heart energy”...

... Everybody has a heart...

We’re all instructed to breath deeply, in and out slowly, and let out a droning “om”.

Very good.  Back to business.  Time to face up to the savage facts...

Burks dives right in.  His presumed evidence comes from records relating to the CIA's Cold War era mind-control experiments that began in the 1950s, continuing till at least the late '60s, under the project name of MK-Ultra.  In particular, Burks draws some rather apocalyptic conclusions from a declassified document listed under CIA MORI ID 140401, dated 1 January, 1950 (when MK-Ultra was still known as “Bluebird”), wherein a series of sinister questions are explored:

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