I'm a materialist, so let's not get confused. I'm an atheist, and this is all hypothetical musings, not meant to convince anyone that the supernatural exist. So, no misunderstandings that fly oh so freely on the internet please. No long comments explaining to me that until there is proof of the supernatural I should reject the claim of one; I know this. Next on my house-keeping list, I'm going to be getting into hard areas to speculate on; I realize I set up what is likely false dichotomies, which is why I'm not calling this absolute disproof of any possible god, but just exploring and analyzing the supernatural and what it could mean, and what it likely means. Alright, with that done with, let's precede.

When most people talk about the supernatural, they are talking about gods and ghouls and ghosts, oh my. I reject all of these as lacking any proof. In one broad motion, I deemed the supernatural in layman's terms as nonexistent until I have ample proof to suggest otherwise. But the idea has always been a curious one. When you step back and look at the word and its implications, it's a nice way to waste an hour of your life in pointless musings. Ready you bongs people, for we about to go on journey.

Most people use the word "Supernatural" as a plug in their lack of knowledge. Things go bump in the night, and it's obviously a ghost haunting your house(what else could it be?). What is a ghost, where do they come from, how do they form? This questions are left largely to the fecund minds of New Agers/priests/Reverends/Imams/whoever. It's a fill to the blanks, answering as many unanswered questions as possible and spawning countless more. But how often do we explore what the supernatural truly means, what it can and can't be? I'm presented with an idea, the supernatural world, and I'd rather not take it as a stopper, plugging up gaps in knowledge. I'd rather evaluate it for what it is. My central question is this; If the supernatural world exists, what can we infer from it? How much of the supernatural world can we piece together?

Oh course, there are many religions(and New Agers) who claim the supernatural world exists, and they all give details to their particular idea of the supernatural world. But for this exercise of thought, we will have one presumption only; the supernatural world exists. Take note, I tack the word "world" to the end of supernatural. Supernatural is, by breaking down the word, outside of, or beyond, the natural world. This implies there is a "world" outside of the natural "world". So, let's take away some of the mystique here and replace "world" with what it truly is, "universe". After all, we are not talking about celestial bodies orbiting stars. We are talking about different planes of existence.

So, working with the presumption of the supernatural existing, we see that there are multiple universes(such as proposed in the ideas of a multiverse or String Theory), at least two. Otherwise, where would the supernatural be? If something is outside of any plane of existence, then it doesn't exist. This begs the question, only two? Why not three, or four, or an infinite amount(how about one for every half-baked idea of a god we have ever thunk up)? So, we are now at the idea that our universe is just one out of multiple. And usually when this Pandora's box is opened, we don't just limit it to two, but since we have no way of knowing, we'll just say a there are at least two universe, the natural, and this "supernatural" universe.

Next question I find myself asking is when we say outside of the natural world, are we talking about any universe with a set of laws, or just ours? The idea of a multiverse isn't scientifically rebuked, just lacks evidence. If it turns out correct, then we may have very well inadvertently defined the supernatural into existence. Of course, if this is the case, and what we would call God resides in one of this universes outside our own, but still governed by some form of natural laws, then he isn't all powerful; he still has to work within the laws of his universe. There is also the question of inter-universal contact that I won't get into here, as it's worthy of a night of pondering in and of itself.

Now, let's take the other path; can a universe exist that isn't governed by natural laws? Would any laws apply, or is logic itself thrown out the window now? Would this place be a real-life Alice in Wonderland? My first inclination is to say that a universe without any natural laws cannot exist. Without laws to determine what is and what isn't real, it seems like existence and non-existence would collide, though trying to speculate on a universe lacking any laws seems a little bit beyond me.

So, I'll now work with two presumptions; the supernatural exists, and a universe cannot exist without natural laws. The only way to reconcile these two is to say that the supernatural universe is just any universe not our own that has natural laws. So now, if we place a God into the supernatural world, we are talking about inter-dimensional aliens. Not exactly the orthodox view of Christianity. It's doubtful that a universe would come into existence complete with intelligent lifeforms and advanced technology. They most likely would have had to evolve and develop much like us. So, we have a (race of) being(s), the reason of it(them) being better than us(if they/it even are) is that it(they) got a universe better for it(them), or maybe it(they) had more time to evolve.

Any way you cut it, it/they don't seem very god-like. Could they be what we call "spirit beings" slipping in and out of our universe? Hell if I know, why not? But can they be an ultimate being unbound by any laws of natural and intimately in control of our universe? A lot less likely. The only reason why I don't say impossible is because of the unknown factor I've been working with all through this. I of course acknowledge that garnering information on other universes is a sketchy and uncertain business, since we are stepping outside of our universe, outside of our laws of natural and possibly even our laws of logic. But, what else to use our brains for than to ponder impossible-to-know-at-this-point subjects?

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Comment by Antonio Chambers on June 11, 2011 at 3:39pm
There is PROBABLY some "force" we can't explain...PROBABLY..but let's not attach the connotation of "supernatural" to it. Lets call it "unexplained so far by current science"



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