Hi friends, It's good to be alive and kicking after having been bed ridden with the flu this week I don't know what strain it is or how I got it but I'm happy the worst part is over.

I've been thinking about something that has been part of our modern life, and I say the following things not to denigrate the work of a great man like Carl Sagan or great people like Hawking or those heading SETI, great thinkers like Neil deGrasse Tyson. For their work in searching for possible extraterrestrial planets that may host intelligent life or any life.

My words are for the unthinking unread and inexcusably ignorant masses that heap their illogical wildly speculative "theories" as to when, where, what form, and disposition such alien visitors might arrive, on the rest of us.

It is all over modern history that people have claimed alien visitation, Roswell, Egypt, South America, North America, Europe. Ancient Astronauts, beings so powerful and advanced that they built pyramids established civilizations and left astrological stone time pieces on English countrysides, some even formed a colony in the middle of the ocean.

These are all wonderful ideas, fantastic tales that capture the imagination but serve only to be a more fanatical version of the fables in the bible. Lack of evidence to the contrary is not sufficient enough to support the point trying to be proven. And Im sorry but Dr. Sagan himself said in paraphrasing a quote by Marcello Truzzi "extraordinary claims must demand extraordinary proof."

So early visitation by aliens is unlikely.

Now it is my argument and I have adopted this argument from great minds to make it my own so if what I say sounds familiar please don't think I'm plagiarizing the works of others for my own, but merely trying to popularize it. Some of my thoughts come from Dr. Michio Kaku, Nikolai Semenovich Kardashev, Dr. Sagan of course and other notable and eminent minds in science and philosophy.

The first thing I have to question is intent, I put myself in the shoes of an Alien species with sufficiently advanced technology that could traverse parsecs of space to meet with an unknown race of life forms. I would have to know what is my intent, I mean I would be reckless to fly off to Iraq and tool around in some Shiite Mosque at the hour of prayer in a tee shirt with an American Flag on it eating bacon and drinking a 6 pack of Coors beer. Some would call that stupid, Dirty Harry might call it leading with the chin.

What kind of values will a race like this have? Our current system of values can't even allow us to get on an airplane without removing our shoes to be scanned. In order for us to even hope to colonize the moon or other planets within our solar system we have to become unified as a planet or the territoriality we exhibit here will be taken to space. So however we get to being a peaceful altruistic scientific and rational civilization I don't know but it's no doubt that if we ever hope to travel the stars we will need to do that first.

Now the type of risk that is involved with traveling such distances without proper preparation, surveillance, sampling, developing adequate health and nutrition systems, disease prevention and protocols to prevent any transmission of indigenous pathogens into the host population will have to be considered. Also just in case such a civilization would have to be able to protect their technology or at least disguise it well enough so it couldn't be exploited.

So before even thinking about taking the trip, once a potential target is found reconnaissance probes would need to be sent to sample the system. Traveling distances sublight speed requires resilient biological systems, most likely nanobot technology designed to do several things.

Monitor and maintain the biological system of the host to optimum levels, including:
Cellular integrity, insuring all cells within the body are maintained within their specific DNA/RNA profile.
Nutrient supply, within the whole system nutrient load is balanced by food bots that collect and distribute basic nutrients to cells as needed, what isn't used is stored by the bots for their own fuel if needed.
Gas exchange efficiency, in high stress situations or at times when there is in adequate environment to support life the gas bots provide oxygen and other metabolically important gases to the biological system. The CO2 scrubber bots camp out in the lungs grabbing the CO2 and splitting it to make Oxygen and using the carbon and water to make a short chain carbohydrate the body will use as fuel. Any low pressure situation that would cause the bends will be quickly handled by the bots by capturing the gases in their carbon nanotube containers which they make as needed.

There are all kinds of other bots that would be needed Immuno bots, sense enhancing bots, brain enhancing computational bots anything a life form would need to be self sustaining. This isn't like a sunday picnic, a couple loaves of bread, summer sausage a wedge of Brie and a bottle of wine isn't going to cut it.

Now when we have attained these requirements we would know from our history how hard it was to achieve, we know that we almost didn't, we almost destroyed our selves. We also know that if any beings with such technology, if they were to visit us let's say in the '40's in New Mexico would probably face exploitation to try and use that technology for our own gain and that would set the stage for destruction before attaining global enlightenment.

My argument is that it's really arrogant to think any extraterrestrial civilization who has done their homework and seen what we currently are would be at all interested in us.

I doubt very seriously that any such culture would make their selves known until we accomplish these things:

Put an end to:
Cast systems
Private property

Appreciating others
Learning to bridge the difference
Building for our future
Declaring the whole earth and it's resources the common heritage of all people
Declare everyone's first right to be that they have Food, Clothing and Shelter without the need to submit to labor to obtain things.
Declare all the earths people to be the most valuable resource, that no one should submit to employment in dangerous jobs that a robot could be made to do or repetitive jobs that can and are currently automated.
Declare the schools of the world to be open to all that want to learn can and admittance be denied to none.
Declare that there is no law but natural law, what a human wishes to do as long as it doesn't harm another is fair game. If he wishes to break the law of gravity, we will not be denied proper medical care if he broke before gravity did.
We will not dictate, or legislate, but we will provide a sane environment for people to grow and flourish in.

I hope this wasn't too far out there, but I really think we are on the edge of some big positive changes, and it's going to take some serious work. Just remember you can be serious and have fun at the same time, that's what I call serious fun.


P.S. maybe the more important job is searching for and finding intelligent life on this planet first before we start looking other places, just a thought. I know I've found a load of intelligent life here with my friends in the Nexus.

P.S.S. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy had this to say about Earth, "Mostly Harmless"

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