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Comment by deletedsoul on March 8, 2010 at 1:27pm
Completely agree with your statement. While all religions in and of themselves are not created equal (some are more harmful or more beneficial than others), the "truth" factor is the same when it comes to belief in the invisible.

Many, maybe even most devout followers of religion rely somewhat on the ever evasive "personal revelation". To determine if a faith is true, the church/sect/organization encourage its followers to "look within themselves" or "fast and pray" until the "truth" of their doctrine is revealed. Basically, they are saying that you have to be in the right mindset to accept the suggestion of whatever faith is on the table. If you want something bad enough...

Does that mean that the person who says they had a personal experience, revelation or epiphany that told them their god was the one true god? No. Personal experiences and revelations are real. You can truly think that god is talking to you, that something miraculous happened or even just have that "gut feeling" that someone is guiding you. I think it is all linked to psychosomatic power of suggestion, but to the believer, it happened and you would never be able to "talk them out of it".

Personal revelation is the most true thing in the world for each individual, yet it is something that can never prove truth to the masses without supplemental evidence to back it up.



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