Forgive me for being so very very brief in this blog, but i am far too tired to be as verbose as i like to get:

For one thing, my son developed childhood ALL (a form of lukeimia) when he was 3, in the middle of my divorce.

my (ex)wife and her family are x-tians, and not even very well read ones at that (and ONE of her uncles is a minister!) ...

During this time i went from being a STAUNCH agnostic to being a convinced non-theist...

w/o getting into a great story (i promise, i will retell it soon), lets just say..

nothing annoys me more than folks offering "prayers" for folks who are critically or terminally ill..ESPESCIALLY when those same folks oppose stemcell research.

all her family seemed to do was pray to god and get freaked out anytime they heard the EEEVIIL words "stem-cell" uttered.

next time you hear someone offer their prayers for an ill member of your friends or family, ask them to offer up donated blood instead...oh yeah.. and to vote only for legislation that promotes stemcell research.
btw, my son is 8 now, and very very healthy, and i feel it is because of the strong efforts he put in to fight and the solid knowledge of the disease that dayton's children's medical provided...much of which comes from stemcell research

i will never, ever, EVER again feel that any medical knowledge that may save a life is not worthy of persuing...

bbbrrrring on the clones..;)

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Comment by Shawn Short on July 1, 2010 at 12:25pm
it was very very illuminating. oh yeah, and btw it was during an election year, haha...having to watch a certain incumbant president bitch about the evils of stemcell research at that time was very infuriating
Comment by Ally on June 29, 2010 at 2:06pm
I agree with Prog Rock Girl! Does the Darwin awards have a group category?
Glad to hear your son is OK. That must have been a horribly frustrating situation for you - divorce - son's illness - putting up with Xian relatives! Any one of those 3 is shitty! All 3 at once Yikes!
Comment by Prog Rock Girl on June 28, 2010 at 11:27pm
If faith healing and other woo medicine worked so well, why did anyone come up with actual medicine in the first place?
Denying a kid medicine b/c of religion is just child abuse. If adults decide to use prayer instead of illness, well...Darwin Award?



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