Faith: My Conversation With A Devout Christian

Today, via AIM, I had a conversation with a very strong minded Christian. I was curious as to what exactly she believed so we had a discussion about evolution, natural selection, Horus and the like. I feel the need to post some of the more memorable responses. The best one:

corim1234: Okay. It just seems like anything I asked you, you just said you don’t believe in it. What kind of proof has God given you to believe in Him? Surely physical evidence like the hieroglyphs or fossils are more?

heynicoleheyyy: i dont really have any proof

heynicoleheyyy: it’s just what i beleive

heynicoleheyyy: it’s that simple

I asked many times what was wrong with evolution or natural selection or something like that. Every time the response was, I don’t believe in it or don’t know. Not doesn’t agree with or something like that, doesn’t believe in it. Religion will never truly disappear in the presence of blind faith. Below are more sections from the chat. If you wish to download the chat in its entirety it is available here: I just don’t understand how someone can believe in anything so deeply without any form of justification. I am very passionate about my stance on atheism but at least I have some evidence to back things up like fossils. She admitted she has no proof but that doesn’t matter. More pieces of the chat below:

corim1234(Me): I mean you believe that God created the Earth in 7 days right?

heynicoleheyyy: yes i do

corim1234: Okay what are your thoughts on something like evolution and natural selection?

heynicoleheyyy: i mean i just dont believe in it. i dont see how we are like made into humas from monkeys or stuff

corim1234: Well thats a common misconception. We aren’t actually from monkeys. But there was a species before us from which monkeys and humans came from.

heynicoleheyyy: i dont really understand that

heynicoleheyyy: okay but how do you think the species got here in the very beginning

corim1234: Overtime species become more and more adapted to their surroundings. Some become so adapted they nolonger represent similar ones from their species.

corim1234: They came from less simpler creatures. I’m not saying life is not a miracle. The circumstances for it to happen were probably very improbable.

corim1234: Where do you think God came from?

heynicoleheyyy: thats another good question

heynicoleheyyy: i honestly have no idea

corim1234: Ok. Do you believe that He has always exisited?

heynicoleheyyy: yes i do

corim1234: So why couldn’t the universe have simply always existed?

heynicoleheyyy: it could have but then how do you think it got here in the first place

corim1234: I don’t know. How did God get here in the first place?

heynicoleheyyy: i dont know

corim1234: Okay so lets say God created everything.

heynicoleheyyy: mkay mkay

corim1234: To create something as complicated as life(Assuming you agree life is complex.) wouldn’t God Himself have to be many times more complex than what he is creating?

corim1234: What I am saying is that an arrow can’t make an archer. To create something you have to be more intelligent than what you are creating.

heynicoleheyyy: yeah you’re right

heynicoleheyyy: but God is amazing and can do anything

corim1234: Okay. So how did God come into existence? Wouldn’t there have to be someone more powerful to create Him? I mean God would have to very very powerful. He listens to millions of prayers every minute and He created us. You agree something that complex can’t just “appear”. What makes Him an exception.

corim1234: And I am not trying to offend you or anything, just wondering what you think.

heynicoleheyyy: no i know you arent trying to offend me.

heynicoleheyyy: those are all great questions but unffortunately no one can answer.

corim1234: The Bible was written by men though. It wasn’t even originally written in English. Actually it wasn’t orginally written down. Its been translated and transcribed hundreds of times. How do you know it is still 100% accurate?

heynicoleheyyy: i mean it could be some different words. theres a lot of different versions of the bible. some of them have just a few words different. but they are basically all the same

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Comment by Jake Collyer on August 4, 2009 at 10:40pm
The saddest thing is when you meet somebody who truly is intelligent and then they drop the religion bomb on you. Although generally people who are very intelligent can see past the wool being pulled over their eyes.
Comment by Mike Gonsalves on August 4, 2009 at 8:39pm
I've had a number of conversations like this myself. Deeply religious people seem to think that faith transcends the normal rules of rational discourse. I also suspect that they are impelled to take the leap of faith because they are very uncomfortable with uncertainty and tentative conclusions. They need to be certain, even if that certainty is a delusion.

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