One of my relatives who tried to get me to practice Falun Dafa told me I had to buy books and videos that were highly overpriced, and I politely declined.The original purpose of the cult was to get people involved and gather money from the believers, which was quite successful.


One of the things that really caused trouble in Falun Dafa teaching was that it claimed if someone got sick, he or she should not go to a hospital for help, rather he or she should meditate and let inner strength heal the sickness. A lot of people died, including children who knew nothing about Falun Dafa (because their parents would not take them to the hospital).


Yet the founder, Hongzhi Li, did not do this in accordance with his claim or even go to Tiananmen Square to support his believers, instead he managed to come to the U.S. with his millions that he had gathered throughout the years and lived there happily after.


It is sad that most people in the United States know nothing about the truth behind Falun Dafa. They think this is just another example of Chinese government torturing peaceful, religious people. 

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