Famous Atheists .. why does it matter ?

Declaring yourself an atheist has a lot of famous and scientific company.

Just for starters, Richard Feynman- Noble physicist and Comedian George Carlin, as different as they were, declare there is no theistic God.

Both of the above have passed from the earthly plane, so if we could channel them for a second take, I wonder what they would say.

Speaking of atheisim it is simply a more courageous stand than either theism or agnosticism. Its all of course, in the final analysis beyond science or even philosophy. I have even considered we may be a computer simulation being run by some dark and mysterious extinct culture, having become extinct at some time we cannot imagine.

And, for time, and interesting question, is it for real or just an axis our brains use to give us an illusion things are ordered?

Our brains can ask more questions than logic or observation can answer.

It has occured to me our brain creates the world and reality we inhabit, although the physical body can be a great positive or negative force in directing the course of our awareness.

To me being free of theism removes a good deal of fear and further give me more, not less, responsibility for my personal choices.

By the way, does anyone in Vermont have a guest house I could rent for a few months this summer? I'm getting a little tired of the Baptists and Bible Thumpers, here. We all need a vacation.


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