I know everyone is different and have skills that could be compared and associated as equal importance but I have a question, "Should there be more atheist farmers?"  My question has a lot to do with how we all are connected to the earth and should have a frequent experience to how we nutrient our bodies for life.  Im not saying we should quit our day jobs for becoming full time farmers.  Somehow I believe there is some relevance to our social and personal psychological health to create our own food by planting the seed in the ground and harvesting its resources. 

     Atheists know how difficult it is to go everyday witnessing the dogma and hypocrazy of irrational thought.  It makes us feel neglected and unvalued, separated from the workings of society.  We speak up for our civil rights, we morn the loss of life and justice to deserving individuals and soon we feel empty and without support or resources of our own.  Food, being one of our most basic needs, might be something more of us should learn to produce.  People are culturally bound to food, like the dinner table, we congregate and share our experience of the day around food.  To become more supportive to each other in a world that has become so explosive and mean is farming the way to go?  You all know how it is difficult to know where your food comes from and how capitolism has taken over the food industries, so is it time for us to take back our responsibilities of our own food? 

     I think a lot of us could be empowered by creating the resource of food even if we are not skilled at it.  I find that I can learn a lot of skills from Youtube, magazines, television and other types of literature.  Is this a way we could show our support for each other when facing difficult times?  The society we have now shows a severe lack of rights for your privacy, civil rights, and accurate use of your tax dollars.  Growing your own food may help you reduce cost, anxiety, and pollution. 

     I say let's take back our sanity and be the providers to life and pschological fitness.  If you watched the news today you probably witnessed the Colorado shooting.  Did you ask the question what drove that man to shoot those people?  Maybe it has to do with his sanity, his ability to care either for himself or others.  What drove him to live out a story structure he created to gain recognition in his life?  Maybe you saw the news on the russian female band "Pussy Riot" was shut up by the government by putting them into jail for singing in a church how they disagreed  with the leadership of President Putin.  Our ability to support ourselves and community relies on our own ability to read between the lines of our surroundings and we cannot do that if we are hungry for nutrients of food or family.

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Comment by Earther on July 25, 2012 at 12:24am

I do also, the deer love it.  Next year I am going to try and make a better fence.



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