Have you seen this?


I keep seeing it on bumper stickers and t-shirts, so I thought I’d Google it.
It seems to stand for “Not of This World” and is a xtian clothing line.
Check this crap out:


Again, it’s the religious conservatives trying to shove the same old ancient bullshit down kids’ throats by marketing in a super hip and edgy way. Just like Stryper, just like POD, and just like all those neon bumper stickers from the 80s that said “God is AWESOME!!” and “Jesus RULES!!!!” Give me a fucking break. Not of this world, huh?? Oh yes you are. I see you over there, driving that gray Ford Taurus. Don’t act like you’re better than the rest of us because you glued that snappy logo on your rear window and spend 3 nights a week at bible study. You’re stuck here on this planet, in this traffic, like everyone else at 6:30 on Tuesday evening. Jesus hasn’t saved you from rush hour, has he? Fuck you, delusional elitist.

(sorry, just a little road rage. Heh-heh)

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Comment by Karla on August 11, 2009 at 6:01pm
we oughta print that blog out (along with these comments) and stick it under the Taurus's windshield wiper when they park somewhere so they can see it once returning, then maybe they'll wanna join Atheist Nexus so we can do battle (and win).

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