My faher passed on the Christmas Day in the year of 2008, and one year later, a Christmas Day without my daddy came again samely. last Christmas in 2009, I did not know how to spend it, lighting an incense stick in a stove,I seemed find a way to communicate with my daddy, but he did not come to meet me that day.

Many times I was free in memorying, the strong impression he stuck me is his talk with my mom when I was 5 years old.very simply accidentt happened that day, my brother, lost a new cap he just got, my mother tried to think over where she lost it, and I was so young at that time, I remember I felt no way to happy for the cap losing at that moment, for a young heart, I must feel heart hurted but can not express my feeling very well, my parents did know so much about heart caring at that poor period,but my father ,spoke out his words,

"Oh,don't care about the losing cap, somebody else picked it up,also can use it well" Yes, he taught us that the losing cap has another function,that was could help others, I thought of his words, can not against him.

Many years passed, I am over 40 years old, no matter what I lost in life,I never feel failure.No matter what happened to my life, I always thought about the other function to the others, I am so calm ,never hungery to those unsatisfied things, this is because I keep my father's words in the bottom of my heart for so many years.

To construct our joyness of good feeling, is not what we have sometimes, it is what could it be changed in feelings, this is the wonderful point in the word. I like the changable feelings, for the impression of others,or I stuck others,anyway , all good feelings at last make people feel joyful.

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