Feathery Dinosaurs Don't Tickle Bible Nuts

In a development completely unimportant in both theology and science, fundamental Christians have expressed their opposition to feathered...

A little background here: Creationistas, who believe the Bible to be literally true, have always had tough going with the dinosaurs. The explanation they've offered for these beasts having once ruled the Earth and then abruptly gone out of business is that dinosaurs co-existed with Adam and Eve, somehow refraining from not devouring them like a couple of slow-moving meat pies, until all the dinos were killed in Noah's Flood, which accounts for all those huge bones being buried in petrified mud.

This is a nice story. Not as nice as the story of Noah, though, (continued at http://www.richardcahill.net/1/post/2012/10/feathery-dinosaurs-dont...

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