I attended my mom's funeral today. My son Gary and his girlfriend are deaf so we were interpreting for them the funny stories that the pastor was telling. Of course we laughed and thought of my mom.
We didn't attend the dinner afterwards, we (my kids and their spouses and kids) went to a restaurant for lunch.
You know, it's hard enough that my mom died and I will never go fishing with her again, but to have someone say that we laughed all through the service for my mom was just incomprehensible.
I have had enough. My health and sanity means more to me than keeping in contact with any extended family member.
I have my family. (Brian, Larry&Robin, Chrissy&Ronnie&Hunter, Gary&Sarah&Colby, Breezee&Todd, and Nicole)

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Comment by TinaFCD on November 1, 2009 at 12:38pm
Thank you. :)
Comment by TinaFCD on October 31, 2009 at 6:57am
Thank you all for your support. I truly mean that.
The family member who spoke those words was my brother-in-law. He didn't even sit with his wife, my sister. He sat behind us.
Everyone chuckled and laughed when the pastor told some funny stuff, not just my whole pew that we occupied. They know that I am atheist and this family member and his wife just can't stand the thought of me being atheist.
That remark was from someone that professes to "care" about my mom. They had her giving them $100.00 a month for rent and their gas bill was directly taken out of my mom's check. Mind you, THIS IS MY MOM'S OWN HOUSE! My mom really didn't want much to do with me later on in life so I chose to stay away, but if she called and needed something I would do it, no questions asked. I think the distancing from me was because I came out as atheist. I really got tired of god e-mails and "you need to go to church!" So I told them I didn't believe what they believed in. I guess they didn't like that too well.
This comes from two people that let my mom live in her bedroom. When we visited, we visited in her bedroom sitting on her bed or standing. She was usually sitting in the dark or in a very hot room, she was afraid to use the air conditioner I provided for fear of the electric bill going up. Even after being told we would help pay for it.
I could go into so much about the reasons why I stopped visiting my mom, but it would take a book.
My mom was 85 years old and paying my sister rent, a measly 100.00. WHAT did that pay for?
I sit and shake my head at the people that say I was a piece of shit for not visiting my mom while she was alive, SHE WAS STILL MY MOM. But no one said anything to the two people that talk shit about me and profess to care so much for my mom.
No, this is not a spur of the moment, a decision made in hurt and anger, maybe a little, but I have stayed away from my family for many years now, for various reasons. I only have to be around them for funerals.

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