What with all of the news lately of pedophile priests in the catholic church I can't help but wonder... Was I an ugly child? I attended catholic school when I was young and none of the priests or nuns ever so much as made a pass at me.

Sorry, I know it's no laughing matter, and quite frankly I feel like a really dodged a bullet in that respect.

I guess sometimes you just gotta laugh to keep from crying... or something like that anyway.

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Comment by Jas Brimstone on April 1, 2010 at 11:40am
"outburst of histerics"??? Wow. Guess it just goes to show how much is lost in translation here in the written word of the internet. I've felt rather calm writing this whole time...

Oh, and my suggestion that you had been abused was not part of MY defense. It was me trying to defend YOUR behavior and comments. I was actually trying to be compassionate and understand why you would be so vehement about this. Again, lost in translation I suppose.

And "given the nature of this blog" if there WERE "victims in the audience", I would expect them to speak for themselves (hence my wondering if you were one). Nothing is more annoying, IMO, than someone who gets all full of self-righteous indignation at a perceived verbal "offense" on someone else's behalf. Glad you won't be back, Jim. Hope you feel better about yourself. :-)
Comment by Jas Brimstone on April 1, 2010 at 11:10am
Jim... Were you abused? Was someone you know abused?
You seem like a very angry man. Obviously this subject makes you very upset, as well it should; however, I wonder what gives you the self-righteous attitude that your way of dealing with the atrocities of the world is the only acceptable way?
I believe I've tried to be kind and give you the benefit of the doubt as to why this sort of humor bothers you so, dispite your incessant name-calling. I've tried to be compassionate and understand your point of view while attempting to explain mine and my reasoning, but obviously that hasn't worked either because it's simply been met with more name-calling and a thinly veiled accusations as to my own sexual proclivities (an abhorrent and completely un-called-for accusation, BTW).

At this point all I can say is that you've admitted you don't get it. Now kindly take your self-righteous indignation, your high-and-mighty opinion of yourself, and your sad little name-calling, and fuck off.

As I've said once already. If you don't like my blog, DON'T READ IT. Go piss in someone else's Cheerios to get your rocks off. Allow those of us who use humor (dark and unacceptable as it may be in Jim-Land) to do what we can to deal with the shit this world spews in our own way without adding any more of your own shit to it. I don't need you telling me my mind is "ugly" or that I'm a "creep," "asshole" or "belligerent fool" or, to top it all, implying that I'm a fucking paedophile myself for not meeting your self-righteous standards of what is "appropriate" any more than I need a religious zealot telling me I'm evil or going to hell for not meeting theirs.
Comment by Jas Brimstone on April 1, 2010 at 8:58am
Thanks for understanding, Talia. Obviously Jim doesn't get it (the reason for the use of humor, not the joke itself), and hey, whatever. You can't please everyone. Some people don't like Monty Python either. Some people don't like Jeff Dunham making jokes about suicide bombers. Humor is often a coping mechanism, obviously Jim doesn't need one in this particular instance and therefore thinks it's inappropriate for anyone else to have one. He's welcome to that opinion.

Maybe Jim didn't "dodge that bullet" or knows someone who didn't and that's why he's sensitive about it. There is, after all, only so much one can tell over the internet. Perhaps if I knew personally effected victims I wouldn't be so quick to quip, but then perhaps not as again it is a coping mechanism. Humor isn't for everyone, and dark humor about serious subjects certainly isn't. I do think it's interesting how quick some people are to judge based on a post on the internet, but some people just tend to be more judgemental than others. Then again, some people just like to argue for the sake of arguing, and some people like to rock the boat even when they're in it. Everyone is different and if Jim doesn't like my sense of humor (or obviously in his opinion, my lack thereof) he's welcome not to read my blog posts, as it is rather easy to simply ignore one voice/page among the myriad here on the interwebs.

Since Jim already took all the funny out of the joke by dissecting it, as you pointed out, Talia, I'll elaborate here.

To be honest, the post was my way of dealing with a sort of "survivor's guilt" if you will. With everything that's been happening regarding the Catholic church I really do feel like I was one of the lucky ones given the fact that I attended Catholic school, got in a fair bit of trouble and had my fair share of one-to-one time with several different priests. Luckily for me all of the priests that I dealt with were of the normal, non-child-molesting variety, and I really do have that feeling of "why did all those others get hurt, but not me," not in a jealous way, but in, as I said, the sort of "survivor's guilt" kind of way. So I tried to use humor to turn it on myself (I must have been too ugly). Obviously that kind of coping is not okay according to The Gospel According to Jim. Mea Culpa.

Oh, and thanks for the clip of Bill Maher, Roy. I've only ever seen Religulous and a couple of his "Real Time" (I think that's the name of it) clips, but what I've seen seems pretty funny to me. I guess Bill's mind is as "ugly" as mine and I should look up more of his work.
Comment by Roy The Infidel on April 1, 2010 at 8:53am
And Roy the joke wasn't funny when Bill Maher told it.

Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
And, in case you are wondering what the subtitles are, I think it is Slovenian.
Comment by Prog Rock Girl on April 1, 2010 at 8:50am
What do you think is funny, Jim? "Safe" humor is usually not funny. Most likely it's going to offend or upset someone. And it's not like he's the only one to joke about it. Maybe you could lecture the makers of South Park, too.

Well I'm sure that even if there are a lot who were molested, there are probably still more who weren't. My husband went to Catholic church and priests never made a move on him. And he's adorable.
Comment by Roy The Infidel on March 31, 2010 at 9:58pm
Hello, Pirate Bard.

Here's an old clip from Bill Maher where at 0:27 he says the same thing. :)
Comment by Jas Brimstone on March 31, 2010 at 6:05pm
Loren: Don't get me wrong. I'm glad I dodged it, too! I've actually known several priests in my life and at least two of them have been (one still is) good friends of my family who find this whole business absolutely deplorable. Of course, he's also rather pissed that Ratzi even got the job (even before all of the latest trouble), and has been actually rather vocal about it to myself and others. They're not all horrible pederasts, and I'm glad I never met any who were (that I know of).

Jim: Sorry someone pissed in your Cheerios. Hope it was me. My message to you (if you were not joking as Thisbe hoped) is that perhaps you should study a bit about the different psychological coping mechanisms people have and realize that some of us humans make jokes to deal with otherwise horrid situations. If you're offended by that, it's your choice to be so and you're welcome to think whatever you will of me. I believe I did say in my OP that "sometimes you just gotta laugh to keep from crying," didn't I?

Thisbe: Good point about the level of resistance being the "attractive" factor, not looks. I had honestly never thought of that, but it seems like a valid hypothesis - especially given the fact that priests would have the "pick of the litter" so-to-speak when it comes to gullibility and complacency in choice of victims. In that light, it's almost not surprising that such a relatively high volume of abused and abusers have come out of such an institution.
Comment by Loren Miller on March 31, 2010 at 4:54pm
You're here, you're in one piece ... like they said back in the day, "that ain't hay!"

And I for one and glad that is one bullet you dodged!



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