Until recently, I could not understand the attraction that Females had for Bad Boys.

     I once knew a man that was a liar, cheat and thief. He had been in and out of
Jail and Prison MANY times, used very hard drugs and treated Females like they
were subhuman. Whatever you can think of that's rotten to do to a Female, he did.
 I was visiting the state where he lived and it just so happened that he was being
released from Prison the next day. So....I went with his relatives to pick him up at
the prison. He had been in Prison for 3 yrs., I think. That night I went with him to
a bar, one of his favorite haunts, and within 2 hrs. he had picked up a very nice
looking Female, whom he never met before, and spent the weekend with her.
I couldn't have that happen to me even if she died and willed herself to me. I'm
happy to say that I can be considered a Geek and/or Nerd. I don't do bad things,
don't do hard drugs, try to treat Females with some respect and NEVER been in
Jail or Prison. I'm on the outside looking in at how these Bad Boys DO these Females
then listen to these Females piss and moan about how they are being treated.

Then a light lit up............The Female of our species can't, really, help going after
Bad Boys. They could though if they could understand there emotions.

It all goes back to our very ancient ancestors......The Ape Species.

All you need to do is look at modern day Gorillas and this is how our very ancient ancestors

There was 1 Silver Back, several Females and many young males and females of
various ages. The Silver Back would give protection, security and food for the
Females and their young. Should the Females get out of line, the Silver Back
would not hesitate to put them back in line even if he had to beat the shit out of
them. To the Females this was an acceptable trade off for the protection, security and
food for the Females and their young. Though they probably didn't like it much because
they will keep a close eye on what the Silver Back does.

Not much different with the Human Females of today.

Give a thought to Females in other societies.


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Comment by Rich Goss on June 28, 2012 at 10:25am

Larry, interesting post and quite true.  The Selfish Meme delves into this subject profusely.  It’s a gene thing. 


Don’t forget three-quarters of all sex chromosomes are female.  Carriers of the XX have had their way and continue to determine the course of evolution.  Males may pay the piper but the ladies call the tune.  In general, they want the strongest and most fit male they can find. 


In humans, it’s not so much physical strength as security—and that means money.  So you have to learn to play the game:  that means dress for success, a flashy car, and a glitzy apartment.  Good character and a good brain don’t cut it, except in a minority. 


Check out the ad “An Atheist Novel” at the right that deals with his subject.  Here’s a remarkably pertinent excerpt from Mirror Reversal


   Homer wanted to ask, “What’s more important to you, Cynthia, a big dick or a good brain?” but said nothing.  He turned away and walked dejectedly to the door with his friend. 

   Cynthia knew what he was thinking.  “When humanity is more evolved, women will be more attracted to men with compassion and brains rather than athletes and warriors,” she said to herself.  “Males with good character and a good heart, rather than good looks or expensive clothes.  It’s the female that determines the course of evolution, not the male.  Three-fourths of all sex chromosomes are female.  If humanity is going to continue to evolve and experience a punctuated equilibrium, escape this male-dominated extended stasis of alpha-male hawks and bullies, it’s the female that must make better choices.  In nature, males pay the piper, but females call the tune—as in the case of birds, literally.” 



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