Final Thoughts on the Pope, God Bless Him

As I watched Pope Benedict's helicopter sail off from Vatican City with an escort of angels taking him to some forlorn monastery, I wished the fuckin’ thing would crash!  No bull.  Hey, I’m a nice guy.  Did I really write that?  I sure did, underscored and I’ll put in bold print.


I’m a proponent of chaos theory.  The flap of a butterfly’s wing can cause cataclysmic changes given time and distance.  A seemingly insignificant event can change the world and the course of history.  A good example is Archduke Ferdinand’s chauffeur checking a map after getting lost in Sarajevo and taking the exact street which would lead him directly in front of the café where Gavrito Princip was enjoying coffee after a hectic day.  We all know what happened.  In less than five years, 137 million people were either killed or wounded, a half million in this country and we were in it only one year. 


That’s chaos theory.  If the chauffeur had gotten discouraged and given up, even World War II might not have happened.  In fact, all our lives have been changed by a lowly chauffeur 99 years ago. 


When the moron was running against Senator Kerry in 2004, some staff member got the bright idea of soliciting Pope John Paul II’s support.  Bush was losing only slightly and an extra nudge might push him over the victory line.  As it turned out, he won by a slim  majority. 


The idea was to use the abortion issue as a carrot to bait the pope into using his power as a world leader to exhort and solicit votes for the incumbent president.  John Paul II referred the request for support to a cryptic Vatican society called Opus Dei whose director at the time happened to be a Cardinal Ratzinger.  Dutifully, the cardinal saw the political “writing on the wall” and mailed out letters to all American bishops.  The instruction was to use their religious and political influence to get their parishioners to vote for W.  I can see it in my mind, these righteous scum bags haranguing and berating church-goers about abortion.  “Abortion is abomination,” right?  Therefore God demands you vote for Bush. 


The sermons were so galvanizing and stimulating that thousands of Catholics jumped on the Bush bandwagon.  It was more than enough to determine the outcome.  W. Bush was again the 43rd president due to Ratzinger’s power and interference.  The direction of the world was emphatically determined—the path toward more war and more corporate profits for the military and defense industries.  Since Bush was elected the country and the world have suffered immeasurable adversities, including thousands of American kids killed, maimed or psychologically traumatized—not to mention trillions of dollars in destroyed materiel. 


It’s the underhandedness and secrecy that pisses me off.  Same thing in the California Proposition 8 issue last year, the gay right to marry bill.  The pope had his long pious fingers pulling strings in that one also.  We all know what happened. 


To sprinkle salt on the wound and twist the knife, Pope John Paul II died the next year and who should miraculously become pope? Ratzinger. 


Are you ready?  Pope Benedict XVI capriciously decided to visit the U.S. as his predecessor was a world traveler.  As soon as he landed in Dulles International Airport, President George Walker Bush, the 43rd president of the United State, all smiles and gooey gratitude, came running out, and would have kissed the holy father on the lips (French style) if given the chance.  In doing so, Bush broke all historical protocol; an American president never has left the White House purposely to greet somebody. 


Here’s the whopper.  See if you still admire and respect the Pope Emeritus after this one:











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Comment by Dr. Terence Meaden on March 1, 2013 at 3:38pm


This last week four priests got together and announced that a Scottish cardinal had abused them some 30 years ago. This prelate promptly resigned his cardinalship and won't go to Rome to vote for the next Popeye. We can guess that will be the end of the matter with no police action as usual. 

Comment by Joan Denoo on March 1, 2013 at 3:22pm

Loren, powerfully and sensibly stated as always. PRISON FOR PREDATORY PRIESTS AND POPES WHO PROTECT THEM!

Comment by Joan Denoo on March 1, 2013 at 3:18pm

Richard Goscicki, I do hope you publish this as far and wide as you can. I agree with everything you wrote and I will support you where ever you send it. It take wisdom, sound judgment and courage to tell the truth, especially in this age when we build our economics, politics and religion on such flagrant liars and lies.  

May I republish it with attribution to you on my "Economics, politics and religion" site and on Facebook? If religion stayed at home and church, I would leave them be. However, they put their noses into every tent they can find and I am sick of it.

Now, the next task is to work on strengthening atheist groups so we can replace the need for community that hold so many tightly in the grasp of delusional, domineering, greedy people.


Comment by Loren Miller on March 1, 2013 at 3:00pm

Richard, your last statement speaks volumes.  It is paralleled by the fact that there are damned few men of the cloth occupying prisons AS INMATES, convicted of child abuse and conspiracy to hide those abusers from the law.  While I have heard of investigations, I have yet to hear of the first indictment, the first trial, or the first conviction of such people, and I must say that I long to know that such is happening.  Indeed, what I would really like to see is such a succession of trials, both criminal and civil, increasing in number to the point where not just the financial status of the church but also its reputation, both are permanently RUINED.

That day cannot come soon enough to suit me.



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