Finally! CA SB323 pressuring BSA not just over gay ban, but atheist ban, too!

Although I'm glad to see pressure across the country on the BSA about their gay ban, what bothers me is that I think they will probably drop it in the next year, and then everyone will be satisfied and ignore the fact that they ban atheists too.

So, I'm glad to finally see more attention on the religion side.  Kudos to Sen. Ricardo Lara of San Diego on SB 323.

If anyone knows how we can support him and get more attention to this, please speak up!

Calif. tax bill seeks to punish Scouts for gay ban

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Comment by jay H on April 11, 2013 at 5:10pm

This is a problem. Gays are getting plenty of press and support, and we're ignored. And while atheist groups have been pretty supportive of gay rights, LGBT... have rarely said a word in our favor.



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