Finland: Anti-Gay Campaign Doubles Average Church Resignations

(found after an initial tip scanning the blasphemieblog)
Sometimes it needs nonbelievers and rationality to get religious people out of churches. Often it's a hard and long  process. Sometimes religious people alienate others from religion. Then it is a very short process.

In Finland the religious did something remarkably good (again). They told everybody that wanted to listen (and all those that didn't) that homosexuality would be bad and could be healed. And within days the flock started to flee.

Interestingly not only for the reason that the religion is against homosexuality but also in some cases for the reason that they are supposedly to liberal.
Resignees have given different reasons for their decision. Some have criticised the church’s perceived narrow-mindedness and discrimination against homosexuals, while others have said that their decision is for doctrinal reasons as the church is too liberal towards gay people.
Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

An article for your pleasure.

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