Sitting here sipping on my first cup of the day thinking how beautiful it has been outside with daytime temperatures of 75 degrees. Going into my fourth month without a cigarette after 45 years of heavy smoking.....still cant believe it! Yes it is true I am a truck driver that at times can be pretty rough around the edges,but by whos standards? To old for standards......don't have time for that fucking shit! I am so happy that I found atheist nexus and the spectacular peeps I have met so far.......soon the grind will begin and the monster from within will be awakened.......have a delightfully wonderful day all and thankyou to my many humanist friends here and around the world that continue to love those who are less fortunate.....please love the unlovable.......

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Comment by Michael Penn on January 21, 2014 at 8:29am

My wife leaves me 2 cups of coffee daily. We work separate shifts, but I'm semi-retired and do security work on a seasonal basis right now.

As for smoking, good luck to you. I quit 14 years ago now, and did it cold turkey. I had smoked about 35 years and was worried about having coffee or a beer without having a cigarette. Being around smokers made me want to smoke my first 6 months of quitting. Today being around smokers just makes me want to leave, and I do. Nobody smokes in my house or around me if I can help it.



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