First post! Operations and drugs.

For want of a better title. I had a general anaesthetic yesterday and thanks to that and the painkillers I feel like I've been raiding Ozzy Osbourne's cocktail cabinet. So my grammar and style are a bit up the creek, but at least my spelling has improved since yesterday's LiveJournal entry (I spelt fatigue "faguite").

At least I'm not as bad as I was in the Recovery Room- apparently I kept asking the staff about their favourite poems and then quoted a stanza of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Embarrassing and impressive at the same time. My anaesthetist, who was lovely, found it hilarious.

This was my second laparoscopy for endometriosis and it was a lot less unpleasant than my first, partly due to the fact that I chatted to the lovely anaesthetist beforehand about my previous side-effects. The last few times I was put under, I vomited a lot afterwards and then sank suddenly into a depressive stupour lasting about two and a half to three hours. She must have used some different painkillers or something this time, though, because I have not vomited once since the operation and the depression is nowhere to be seen :)

The fact that I had a lot less endometrial tissue than last time must have helped as well. Apparently there was only one little patch that had to be lasered off. Other than that my organs looked very healthy in the photos, a huge improvement on last time.

Also helpful, as always, was the presence of my boyfriend and parents. I am very glad I had Beej there to hold my hand, although I insisted that he go back to Coventry in the evening, since some friends had come down from Glasgow and were having dinner with our LARP group, and I didn't want him to miss it (he'd already missed a playtest during the day to stay with me, despite my assurances that he didn't have to. Happy he did stay, though, as I always love to see him).

A little disturbingly, I think I heard one of the nurses refer to him as my 'brother'. He's half-Chinese and I'm Irish-caucasian. Also, I had been kissing him in a way that one decidedly does not kiss their siblings. I put it down to an amusing slip of the tongue. Still made us giggle though.

I spent last night languishing in bed, high as a kite and texting BJ occasionally. I got him to buy a bottle of Sake for the table from me (I'll pay him back next time I see him) and apparently it went down well, which makes me feel better about not having been there myself. Later on at night I found myself paraphrasing Mark Twain to him. "Wheresoever you are, there is Eden." We had been discussing the perfect hypothetical afterlife (I don't believe, but BJ is unsure). We came to the conclusion that it involved unlimited supplies of bacon.

I slept terribly, waking up every hour (I suspect as a result of the painkillers-these things are ever so strong), but oddly I don't seem to mind. I also hold the painkillers responsible for that. This diclofenac is strong stuff...

Time to give my singing teacher a ring, I think, and talk about the rest of the term. I won't be back at uni for a while now, since I need to see a gastrointestinal specialist (Marcellina my gyno noticed I had a distended intestine, which may be a clue to the cause of my current fatigue and pain), so I'll probably have to miss singing lessons for the rest of the term. It's a pity, but what can you do? At least I have my piano and my bodhran, in case I get music withdrawl here :)

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Comment by cj the cynic on March 1, 2009 at 9:38am
I am sorry you have to go through such an ordeal. You shall make a full recovery though :)

Best wishes.

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