Florida metal music band called 'Atheist' is on point:



Can you talk for a bit about some of the lyrical themes on the album?

It’s a slew of topics. “Live And Live Again” is sort of my thoughts on evolution. It’s just shocking to me that people have such a hard time swallowing that theory and that people can still buy into that whole Bible story without any problems.

There are songs of perseverance and I really, took a direct stab, for the first time, at a topic that I feel has been swept under the rug, which is the Catholic church and the Pope sort of facilitating the molestation of children. I can’t say enough and I can’t say it loud enough how fucking disgusting that is that because of the cloth, this man is allowed to walk around freely, when technically he’s a criminal and if any one of us were to commit the crimes that he committed, we’d be arrested immediately.

“Faux King Christ” is pretty clear-cut, anti-organized religion. Some people may think that it’s a typical approach. My approach I feel is a very fresh set of circumstances that I’m proud of, in the way that I sort of laid it out. Instead of just presenting the problem, it’s about presenting the solution. “Third Person” is really just about our experience of being so far from our music that we have the ability to just listen to it now and appreciate the good things and the bad things about our band and approach writing the new album together.

Lyrics are very important to this band and always have been. In this music, unfortunately, not many people pay attention to lyrics and, you know, not that many people spend that much time writing them, either. So that probably has a lot to do with it. I just try to find topics that speak to me and that are honest and carry weight, and that willhopefully last.

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