Florida Students need America's Support to Stop School Shootings.

These students are on the right track, as Australia, Canada, Britain and Japan all prove that the way to stop Gun Violence is through banning guns.

Australia, Britain and Canada all have the same mental health problems with students and men, but they don't have the school shootings that America has, like 3 in a month, and likely to get more with the shooters getting coverage on media, thus giving them more encouragement as most shooters seek recognition and the mass and social media is giving them the recognition they desire.

So there are bound to be more shootings, because of this factor alone.

So just stopping loons from having guns is not going to stop those who are clever at deception or slip through the screening cracks.

Oregon's blocking domestic abusers from having guns is a great start, and likely this was a product of these Florida student's protesting.

So it is about time, or decades too late for such a movement as these students are spurring on to arise.

Americans should have been proactive like these students after Sandy Hook, but the NRA has been too powerful and clever in its deception of the American public and purchasing politicians.

So it has been too late for many, like 30,000 people who die from shootings every year.

In Australia not only did mass shootings completely stop, but gun deaths across the board, like from gun related crimes and suicides dropped by over 50%. 

So banning guns would save more than 15,000 American lives every year.

So these students need all the support America can muster.

These students are proving themselves to be Rational Critical Thinkers.

They are not accepting the BS form the likes of Dumb Gov't Members like Rubio and Trump. 

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Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on February 25, 2018 at 5:26am

Yes Patricia, hope they keep the fight going.

Though it looks as if there are many getting on board with these brave students, even some AR-15 owners are publicly getting rid of these weapons, in empathy with the students, thus setting a brave example as well, and some NRA sponsors are pulling the pin.

I hod the NRA somewhat responsible and accountable for all the deaths since Sandy Hook from such weapons.

Australia banned guns and it instantly reduced the gun deaths overall, including suicides by over 50%.

Britain has not had a mass shooting since it banned handguns.

Statistics are against the NRA.

Though I still like John Oliver's Australian Research Documentary on Gun Control. 

That was hilarious.  :-D 


Comment by Patricia on February 25, 2018 at 2:24am

I hope they keep up the strong message & don't back down. Enough is enough already, & if the adults won't take care of things as they should, then the young ones will have to.



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