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Here's a poem I wrote for my sister for her 11th Bday, Enjoy!

A Sister’s Love

If all the stars in the sky

The mysterious creatures in the sea

All the cacti in the desert

All the birds migrating to warmer weather

Every single gum drop in every single candy machine

The crayons in all of the kindergarten classes

The sand on the beach and even all of the popsicles eaten on the hottest summer day

If all of these things were measured

If they were tallied up, counted and combined

That number wouldn’t compare to love I have for you!

Can you imagine what that number would be?

A number greater than the size of the Great Barrier Reef

Greater than all of the cookies left for Santa on Christmas Eve to eat

As big as the number of people who’ve ever felt loved and loved

A number bigger than the tallest mountains towering up above

A number that couldn’t be contained inside my brain one I can barely explain

So I genuinely say… I love you very much

Very much, so simply said but behind those words is an

Immeasurable amount Love…that’s what I have for you…

Because of who you are and who you’ll become

Just pure unconditional…unshakable unfathomable unstoppable Sister’s Love!

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Comment by Dani on June 29, 2010 at 10:41am
Will do & Thanks!



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