Forested Landscapes of the Soul.

Forested Landscapes of the Soul.

When I look at a forested landscape I see perfection. I think of all landscapes as perfect, much of what makes up that landscape however is imperfect.

A fallen tree, A dead tree, A blackened tree hit by lightening, Rotting wood and leaves, Piles of fallen leaves, Broken branches, Fallen birds nests, A rotting carcass from a dead animal, A stagnant pool waiting for the coming rains, An ancient rock cracked in pieces, Leaves ravaged by caterpillars, Bugs under a rock.

What would the landscape be like without these things? The answer is that there would be no landscape. Every insect has a purpose every broken rock creates a new home in its cracks. Rotting branches and fallen leaves are the nutrients of new life. A stagnant pool is a nursery for a new generation of insects necessary to the landscape. Even that rotting carcass, no matter the smell as it decays, gives life.

Our lives are the same. Majesty and beauty grow out of the fallen rotting parts of who we are. Without them there would be no nutrients to create the glorious growth of majestic trees that stand tall and feed and shelter others. Without the broken places of our lives there may be no crevices for other injured people to creep away and find safety with us. Without stagnant places perhaps new ideas would rush away before they had time to grow and develop. The landscape of the soul is a wonder of astonishing beauty. It is made up of all the hurt we have endured, all the pain we have borne, all the evil we have done, all the damage we have sustained. All the courage we have shown, all the gifts we have given, all the hope we have held on to, all the dreams in which we believe.

To appreciate the beauty of the landscape of your life.
Honour the damage and pain you have endured and the courage and strength you have shown.
Cherish the ugly rotting parts because they are bringing life and beauty to the whole.
Reconcile with all of who you are.
Draw on the strength and wisdom the past offers to grow gloriously toward the future.
When we recognise all these things in ourselves the world of human beings becomes a place of majesty because we see the same beauty in landscapes of all the souls we meet.

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