I made my separation from the group about 3 weeks ago after about 3 years of rational deliberation and continued growth in my own understanding of the factors that contribute to alcoholism.

As I came close to my 9th anniversary my understanding of who I am as an atheist and an emergent life form who will always be changing and growing in understanding I couldn't honestly say I actually agreed with the dogma of AA. Some argue it's a cult, I don't care. It is fixed in it's doctrine, and doesn't allow for anything that resembles research and incorporating new medical and scientific discoveries, and assumes to much about what a disease is versus what a syndrome is. AA assumes expert knowledge in a field which has had the benefit of science for over 70 years but they refuse to use it.

My own entry into the group was in a period of time when I suffering worst from the exit from the cult I was in, recovering from cancer, and untreated Bipolar type 2. It was a mess and I was so confused about the role alcohol played in my life, I'm not any more, I understand my cult involvement I'm now an atheist, I've accepted myself as a cancer survivor, and I'm stable with my bipolar treatment. So I've had a few beers and haven't turned into an instant asshole, I haven't had an uncontrollable binge, or a hangover, I've not blacked out, I haven't been overcome with the need to drink when everyone else is, I can take it or leave it.

Something that has been a benefit to me is the chronic pain I've been having during the day for years is diminished or gone if I have a couple beers at night. Go figure.

If anything changes I'll let you folks know.


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Comment by stephen eric billinghurst on October 13, 2009 at 10:56pm
I like AA. It just takes an hour of your time. To have a similar stance with respect to Atheist Nexus, well, my atheism is not in question, and whether I consider this instrument as an absolute necessity, I do not. This is the Internet, and not really a "community" in any sense of the word. Let's face it, I am in a real place with real people. "LOL" means laughing out loud alone. You can point at the screen and say "something funny", but it is irritating. No one else in the room hears the joke, and if you have to explain it, it ain't funny.



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