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Why? Why are people so violent when they gain a pulpit or a Presidency or a seat of power? It has plagued mankind throughout history.

Blame is always levied, but later discovered to have been a falsehood - yet the bright ones, the good ones we elevate to the top - change. It happens to so many of our best leaders. From this:


How about the idea that it is not faith

Or greed

Or corporate malevolence

Or terrible people

I'm at heart still what I was trained to be - a Communications theorist, a specialist in influence, social trends and change.

The term I use is "cognitive linguistics" inspired by the Safir-Whorf hypothesis: If you do not know the words you cannot think the thoughts.

I had an epiphany - and here is the result. Thanks in no small part to you strong, supple and free thinking people.

This is an open invitation - help me develop this into a working system to prevent the cycling of man's social systems into nuclear holocaust, dark years of ignorance and despair, and now - the potential of destroying our very biosphere due to this repetitive pattern of lunacy and greed.

Here is the link to my primary site:
Link to Research Site - "Leadership Syndrome"

The minds here are amazing. Thanks to all of you.

Additional information -

It is a PERSON, it is an ILLNESS - imagine - not cancerous clumps of cells, but cancerous aggregation of thoughts - clots in the MIND of those who experience the process and stress and authority that is the path to the peak positions in our social systems.

Too many have expressed this problem for it to be bad luck. It is INDUCED the way harmonics induce the collapse of bridges and buildings - a mental loss of control of the very structures of perception, belief - and of course, the choices that they make. And it occurs WHILE they wield the massive power at mankind's command.

It is my work - and I offer it to anyone who can turn it into processes to stop the cycles.

Please contribute - this is new stuff, untested, untried. But it is the only "unified field" theory that explains the terrible choices made, and the outcomes that are like fires of chaos that rage through the spread and scope of human history, of our different institutions, of all beliefs, all cultures.

Get involved, as to develop and test the theory - then quickly discovering methods to identify and address it is potentially a turning point at this time in our world's evolution of this species.

Imagine - to gain rational choice-systems in human social structures at the macro level. Imagine -

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