shame there's such a fragmentation of family life; I guess worldwide with the www... it's especially tough when you've been well read on the reasons things in the gov/world go bad or wasted.. due to some doctrine or another; aside from just living and striving to do good... cracks me up that people are so easily trusting of x y or z... catholics role deep in Mexico look what happened there. Xtian orthodx runs Russia; no blacks or gays allowed there. Israel is said to be looking more like S.Africa everyday so... yeah big ups to god! lol... for better or worse in the secular USA... (secular fundamentalist so I've been labled in the 'good news' baptist paper round town here! LOL) no youza fundie no you! LOL
I swear later in life it becomes the overhead issue; the jealously that I'll never pay tithe and some have to. for what? on top of fed taxes! wow how wise. cya!

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