In case you missed my last post,I'm trying to publish my novel, "Mythos Christos", by Amazon's newest pathway to publishing, Kindle Scout - here I have to get a huge number of nominations to be accepted for publication. My novel is unique in that it's freethinker fiction! - The Christ myth revealed in the form of an archaeological adventure story.
If you would do me this honor, please go to my campaign page by clicking the link and check it out. Then hit the nominate button. It costs nothing, but have your Amazon account info handy. And if you would, promote freethought by getting this link to others who would see this book published. If MC is accepted for publication, anyone who nominated it will receive a FREE e-book copy. My campaign ends Dec. 13th. Thanks!
Edwin Herbert (my pen name)

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Comment by Edwin Neumann on December 6, 2015 at 3:31pm

Thanks, Daniel Edwin!



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