...do freedom exist?

It is possible that something such as "freedom", that is, the state in which a person can do anything she/he wants whenever she/he wants to do it without having to make any excuse, nor feel guilty about it nor regret. Thus, being "free" is a superior state that is like the Nirvana. That is: freedom is a mental state which go beyond all worldly things (society) and returns people to a more primitivecondition.

The question here is: can a person or a group of people be free? My opinion is "yes, but". A priori, in our society there's a "conditioned freedom", but this is nothing but a mere delusion, one of the many they offer you. So, freedom should be sought out of the society.
Given that in reality one is only free when she/he has reached that mental state, it is only a matter of time to the repression and conditioning factors to be gone.

Religion is one of these factors which repress people in more deep levels, from the point of view of Psychology (I'm writing about freedom reached through the mind, other means of reaching it doesn't exist or I don't know about them). Religion destroys the natural freedom of the individual by means of harsh dogma, harsh moral and social rules (or more accurate, laws). The censorship of sex, of what is "morally reprehensible", of actitudes that are not allowed in the context of a given religion; the indoctrination of the mass, the dazing of minds until they become lambs of God. All of this, annihilate the natural, inherent freedom of every person and moulds and twists their minds, which transforms into a irrational collection of laws that they must obey.
And society no only backs this situation up, but it does the same thing, but in this case you worship the Almighty Dollar, or Euro...the Almighty God, Money.

So, any adult normal person who lives in a given society will NOT be free anymore, because both society and religion have annihilated all vestige, all tracks. But what happens if you're atheists? Well, it doesn't matter, society can destroy you all by it self. But I have to admit that maybe, and in certain intellectual conditions and rational capacity, any given person could be, in part "free". But despite that, we think we are free however, we are not, and it is because we are not allowed to be free.

To me, freedom means much more than simply the "freedom" that is offering the modern capitalist society. Although everyone can do whatever she/he wants when adult, this is cut to...what? To be able to choose between going to the cinema, theatre, opera? Burguer King or McDonald's? D&G or Lacoste? Lies, conditioning: you are not free, you just limit yourself to choose between one thing or another. But it was really you who had chosen to go to Burguer King, or it was publicity and ads which have convinced you subconsciously? You will never know, but you have chosen already.

Which brings me to another question: destiny and choices. Personally, I think destiny is like a current which lead us without pushing us. That is: you have several paths to take, but your intuition leads you to the right one. Results: you win or you lose. Destiny leads us sometimes through a path maybe not always the correct one (if all is going right, it may not be good) but it was the predestination path. However, it is possible that you would have chosen any other path, and in fact, it actually happened: they are variables.

In the time line of a person infinity little ramifications are open, but one is the main course. That is your destiny, your life. It may be variables (= ramifications) which go ahead because they are very likely to happen and continue, and in fact, they may go beyond the main one, and in time, they will join again the main or became themselves the main course of your life. However, other may fail. You have chosen them, but in other variables.

Now, if because of some reason you can actually know that if you choose doing that (and this can be anything important --or not-- for you), something (you don't know if bad or good) would happen, do you would choose to do it anyway? Clearly, you would only do it if it would benefit you. But how about if I tell you that the result of that option would be terrible? You would be forced then to choose a third option unknown for you, as you would be conditioned because of that knowledge. In that case, you would be free to choose? No, as I said you'd be conditioned because of your previous knowledge. To be able to chose freely, one has to not know at all the options and venture into destiny, into the path of one's life and its variables....but that's bullshit. I mean, real life is the example. No one would venture into anything without taking in account the possible options. Freedom is so complicated sometimes.

In conclusion, freedom don't exist, at least not in normal, everyday conditions. That is, in society conditions. Tarzan was more free than you, to take a simple example. He didn't suffered the conditioning of a oppressive society, nor the destruction of the mind and privacy by religion: the "savage" Tarzan was free to choose whatever he wanted to to at any time, without thinking "Would be this a sin/illegal?", without taboos, without conditions.
Before I said that freedom is state of mind, however environment influences heavily in people: society affects your mind and conditions it destroying your natural freedom, which you born with, it is inherent to living beings. But...is really free Tarzan or he is limited by the conditions of the selvage environment where he lives? Then he may be not 100% free, but it is yet more free than you are in our beloved society.
And that leads me to think that technically, total freedom doesn't exist, because we are social animals that adapt themselves to environments that ourselves adapt to us. Nothing is absolutely free, there's always a little conditioning.

How to manage to reach perfect freedom? Strip yourself of all that society (parents, teachers, television, politicians, priests, etc) has "taught" --as in indoctrinate-- you (politics, religion, moral, ethics, etc). Now get out the society where you live in and go to the jungle.

Survive, hunt, build yourself a hut, forget everything, even language and hoy a modern human lives.

Welcome to liberty, I hope you enjoy it.

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Comment by Michael S on December 31, 2008 at 10:10pm
Perhaps my idea of freedom is different then yours. Freedom is not doing what you want when you want too. Freedom is a culture and belief system that humans will when faced with choices do the right thing. We are after all social animals not separate from nature but apart of it. You are free to accept what you wish no terms or conditions.
Most faith based rely upon conditions that one must do this or that in order to be accepted or what is maybe socially acceptable at any given time but socially acceptable is not the same as a culture. For example I may others here not believe in a deity? Socially it might be suggested and it is we have no morals, excuse me I think none among us would choose to kill another human and if we have it may have been in a condition of war and religious justification to smoot people and cultures from the face of the earth.
But as hard as any Church tries they cannot deny the fact humans are well human and as an influence cannot guide the direction of a free people. They have in history suppressed them be it sexually, intellectually or artistically at times and it just goes underground. But freedom is accepting not all humans are as you by any means and not imposing but join others like you that have the same morals standards and ethics. All of those are within all human void of any god or moral judgment by men that elect their self holy and their leader and ultimate speaker of morality in what a puff of white smoke?
We are men and women that choose to be human not report we are divine the last 8 years are like a script out of SG-1 and we all know the holy do have body functions the old farts.
Freedom what you make of it and how strong you will defend your right as a human that follows your culture that is open to what it might be. Me I need no hut I will be out there as I always have been informing people I may reject their version of the world. Freedom to many is simply a choice and the laws that may prevent those choices. How they may spend a life time to give voice to any repressed.



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