The creator of the Draw Mohammed Day, Molly Norris, has been driven into hiding after the FBI accessed the death threats against her by Mulsims, and recommended she go into hiding.

Norris has taken the FBIs adivce and has gone ghost on her own dime - the government didn't even offer witness protection.

So what does this mean? It means the Islamic concept of the Dhimmi has been accepted by the American government. People like Norris are second class citizens. It seems the government is more intent on protecting the rights of muslims to not be offended than they are in protecting the constitution, and the safe expression of it.

This news comes of the heals that the media named crank-pot bigot pastor Terry Jones will be essentially fined for the expression of his political/religious beliefs (a right guaranteed regardless whether or not it was tasteful) after the state tried to coerce him into stopping his plans to burn the quran by indicting him for the deaths of american soldiers.

It seems the State's position is that Americans are free to express themselves so long as they are willing to pay for it with their lives or financial ruination, a concept I believe is anathema to the constitution all military, police and public officials have sworn to defend.

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