Freethinkers and Skeptics In Ancient Literature Part I: Thersites the Contrarian

As an outlet for the repressed literature student in me, I'm starting up this new series that focuses on characters in ancient Western literature who show some sign of skepticism or freethinking. By extension I'll also show the quacks, charlatans or authorities they dare to annoy with their tiresome voices of dissent, critiques and prodding for explanations, proofs, or defenses. Or I highlight their intolerable standing-up-business for the common man.

All too often it's the crazies that get honoured - like Abraham or Moses. Now is my chance to feature a scant yet nonetheless existing crew of characters who are portrayed to question blind faith in authority and to think for themselves. Along the way I'll also chronicle any punishments they get for their impertinent hubris.

Read it here: Freethinkers and Skeptics In Ancient Literature Part I: Thersites t...

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