Like a pastor or missionary, I have the awesome joy of calling time spent socialising 'organising work'... if only I got paid for it. I started the day with a long bike ride with a fellow freethinker discussing among others things our visions for the group. Then I went to Just For Him, joining Daniel and other freethinkers for conversation and atmosphere. Both of these 'outreach' activities will become regular features of my Sundays. Afterwards, I found new inventive ways to look for local doubters on face book and recruited for a while. I also took some time to check out local businesses for good spots to have a meetup... with an eye out for back rooms with TVs... I think I found an awesome place... but more on that later. Finally, I am about to update the BBQ info... If you are going, I will send you the address, but since it is a personal residence, I wont put it up for general consumption. Be sure to contact me directly or RSVP for the event if I haven't sent you the info and you are planning to go for some or all of the evening.

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Comment by Jonathan Kraus on June 25, 2009 at 3:23pm
If your house burns down, we can clear out the office for you. We have an airmatress for emergencies.
Comment by Celtix1234 on June 24, 2009 at 12:07am
For several years after moving here I used to think: If something awful happened, like our house burned or something, who would be there for us? Luckily, we have developed some good friendships, so it's not quite the concern, but I, too, long for some sort of gathering like mentioned above.
Comment by Jonathan Kraus on June 23, 2009 at 2:36pm
I am so sad that you are not in Springfield, I want friendly positive people like you to be the back bone of our local community. I would put you in charge of Sunday afternoon tea time. I want us to be the kind of group, that if you hurt yourself, somebody will be over to mow your lawn, and if you are moving, we will be there to help carry boxes. There is no reasons that freethinkers can't meet eachothers human needs as well as churches can.



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