From Ali Sina: The Problem is Islam, not Muslims

I just ran across this essay from the eminent ex-Muslim, Ali Sina: the founder of FaithFreedom International. It expresses my own feelings on the subject better than I could. Note: I edited the essay for grammatical errors (Ali Sina is an Iranian and English is his second language).

The Problem is Islam, not Muslims
By Ali Sina

We have to make a distinction between Muslims and Islam. Muslims are people, human beings like you and I with the same goodness, hopes and aspirations that characterizes all of us humans; but Islam is the doctrine that teaches humans to hate other humans. Most Muslims know nothing of Islam. The average Muslim still believes that Islam is a religion of peace because the name is derived from the word peace. Many Muslims believe that Muhammad was honest. They don’t know about the crimes committed by the holy Prophet and that he was a vindictive man who killed innocent people without any guilt. The majority of Muslims believe that Muhammad encouraged manumitting [releasing from slavery] the slaves and don’t know how ruthlessly he attacked innocent people, massacred them and enslaved their children and wives. They still believe that Muhammad married so many wives to protect them from “starvation” but do not know the details of his scandalous and lustful sex crimes.

The majority of Muslims are good because they do not know Islam. And yes there are many good people and saints amongst them, but the credit should not go to Islam. Muslims are good despite Islam, and they are good because they do not follow the teachings of the Quran.

Those who come to know Islam belong to two categories. One group finds Islam appealing and in accordance with their criminal nature. They kill people, torture their fellow human beings, become terrorists and practice the Quran and the Sunnah gleefully and shamelessly. You find them amongst the Taliban, the Mullah of Iran and the Islamic terrorists everywhere. The other group finds it appalling when they discover the truth about Islam and leave it. If you are a Muslim you have to ask yourself: to which category you belong? After learning the truth about Islam and seeing the evidence presented here you and I no more belong to the “ignorant” majority. By ignorant, I mean ignorant of Islam. Now you know the truth about Islam and what is in the Quran. If you choose Islam, after learning the truth about it, you choose a path different from those who value first and foremost human decency, truth and rightness. Here is where each person's true nature is shown. Here is where the separation between good and evil is made. You may choose to follow the good and abandon Islam; or you may choose to follow this dark hatemongering cult of killing and turn your back towards humanity and righteousness.

This is where we show our true nature. We all read the same hate-ladened verses of the Quran and the
same shocking stories of the crimes reported by the Prophet. But our reaction is different. Those crimes are not acceptable to me and to many other honest people. But some have no difficulty accepting them. Some of us are shocked to learn what Muhammad did to Safiyah: raping her after killing her father, husband and many of her relatives. Others feel nothing. Some of us are appalled to read the details of the first holocaust led by Muhammad, the genocide and cold-blooded massacre of the Jews of Arabia; others feel nothing. Some of us cringe when we read that the Prophet used to terrorize his opponents like a common gangster, showing no mercy even to a 120-year-old man or a nursing mother of 5, whose only crime was composing a lyric spurning him. That does not bother some Muslims at all. We are disgusted when we're told that this man, the holy prophet of Allah (peace be upon his immaculate soul), who burned tree plantations and destroyed water wells. To Muhammad, ends justified means and he broke any moral and ethical code to get at what he wanted. To others he was a great statesman. Some of us shudder when we read that the Prophet raided merchant caravans, plundered towns and cities, enslaved people, ordered raping of the women captured in his wars and enriched himself by stealing the wealth of his victims and selling them as slaves. To other Muslims, all that is part of being a messenger of God.

If that is how you feel, obviously you and I have very different values. The God I believe in is pure love. He does not kill, does not plunder, and does not curse. My God does not order rape, does not assassinate, He does not discriminate and does not call a part of humanity najis (filthy). My God is not the khairul makerin “master deceiver”, as he is described in Quran and is not a ruthless tyrant. He does not burn anyone in the blazing fire for eternity because he has failed to recognize him and to worship him. If after learning these facts, you are still a Muslim then, for you, all all of Muhammad’s atrocities are okay. It all boils down to who we are and what values we hold dear to our hearts.

If I believed in Satan, I would say Allah is Satan. His deeds unveils his true identity and his satanic nature. It is evident that some Muslims do not follow Islam because it is good but because it reaffirms their values. Fortunately the majority of Muslims have different values than those taught by Islam. They believe in goodness, in kindness, in equality of all the people irrespective of their beliefs or gender. They believe in love and not in hate and they want to embrace all humanity, not kill them because they’re not Muslims. These people, when they learn about the true Islam, will abandon it. And because this knowledge is spreading very fast, millions of Muslims are leaving Islam and this exodus is gaining momentum. Soon nothing will be left of Islam but a bad name and a sore memory. But not all Muslims will leave Islam. The criminals and those with hate in their hearts will remain loyal to Muhammad -- just as there are still neo-nazis who still heil Hitler. But their numbers will be reduced and their threat will be contained.

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Comment by Atheist Exile on November 10, 2009 at 7:59pm


I don't hate people unless they earn it. Murderous terrorists who kill women and children without blinking an eye have earned my hate. Every one with indiscriminate blood on his hands should face the consequences for his actions. But that's not going to happen. Is it?

Moral relativism is what Muslims want from us: because they're moral absolutists. They can't win us over if we believe there's actually something wrong with Jihad, the subjugation of women, child brides, forced marriages, honor killings, and men who can't control their sexual urges or fragile egos.

I hate murderers. That's all terrorists are. The relativist rationalizations for their actions are pure bullshit. People NEED to hate evil so that we can focus our resolve to root it out. What we DON'T need is to dilute that resolve with mamby-pamby moral relativism. People have ruined many good ideas by taking them too far. Moral relativism is not the be-all, end-all, answer to our problems. Liberal ideas are good. Apologists take those liberal ideas and become absolutely anal-retentive about them. Europe is a good example of this. They were manipulated into multi-culturalism and even allow Shariah law in Muslim communities. Now the pendulum is swinging the other way, as citizens wake up to the consequences of their foolishness. Such eggheads, if they succeed in the U.S., will make me ashamed to call myself a liberal. In fact, I've all but moved to a "left-leaning moderate" position. The right and left extremes are making many Republicans and Democrats uncomfortable.

I'm ranting, so I'll stop here. I understand the impulse for peace and the moral discomfort with hate. But I also understand it's a bad world out there and we can't afford to bury our heads in the sand as threats grow bigger and stronger.
Comment by Atheist Exile on November 10, 2009 at 7:14pm
Hi Johnny,

Thanks for your comments. I lived, for 6 months, in Kuwait and I've been in the Philippines (where there's a Muslim insurgency, in the south) for over 3 years now. It's very important to understand that the adherents aren't the problem: the religion -- Islam, Muhammad and the Quran -- is the problem. Extremists have NOT hijacked Islam -- Islam has hijacked extremists. This difference can't be emphasized enough.

Having spent most my life overseas (Japan, Panama, Okinawa, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Kuwait, Philippines) I know for a fact that people are the same everywhere. Most people are good and decent: some are not so nice. A few are downright pathetically depraved.

The problem with mainstream adherents is that they're apathetic about their religious institutions. It's the squeaky wheels that end up commandeering the agenda. With religions, squeaky wheels = fundamentalists. Extremists constitute the fringe of the fundamentalists. Yet these minorities tend to control or overly influence the direction of their religions: particularly when those religions have a weak hierarchy or no hierarchy at all.

Islam is a rabid dogma. I challenge anybody to find uplifting verses in the Quran. For every one you find (there ARE a few), I'll quote you at least 20 to 50 negative verses. Islam is a harsh, uncompromising religion: there is no wiggle-room for a moderate interpretation.

Then why do so many people subscribe to Islam? Early on in Islamic history, they were converted at the edge of the sword. After that, people mostly inherited the religion and haven't really studied it closely (much as the Christians do). Many of the ones who have studied Islam, started as children, in school, where they were encouraged to memorize the Quran. As a consequence, most adults don't know much about the Quran and many of the ones that do were brainwashed as children. I won't even go into the teaching of hatred for Jews and Israel to school children . . .

Consider the areas where Islam prospers: the Middle East / Mediterranean, Africa, and Asia. These are all harsh, under-developed, locales: harsh geography, harsh environment and/or harsh economy. The harsh, uncompromising, discipline of Islam, in human terms, is best matched to these harsh locales.

Though most Muslims are basically good people, many of them don't know what their own religion stands for. They repeat the few positive verses of the Quran as if the whole scripture is positive. For them, Islam is more defined by their Mullahs than by the Quran. And most Mullahs are fundamentalists, though there are exceptions, of course. With western cultures condemned as immorally decadent and with exposure to western cultures often restricted, Muslim countries depend on censorship to keep their populace ignorant of the superior ideals of the west. I know that last sentence will be a red flag for the moral relativists out there but they're going to have to admit that Islamic values just aren't up to progressive, modern, standards.

In Kuwait, there are daily calls to prayer at specific times during the day. All activity stops and everybody prays. If you're in a grocery store, you better quit shopping until the prayer ends. From minarets across the city, clarions bellow prayers in Arabic. As the sun sets, some drivers on freeways pull over to the shoulder, lay down their prayer rugs, and kneel to Mecca. There are many devout Muslims across the world. The vast majority of the devout are very nice people. A few are murderously hateful: they fill the ranks of the Jihadis. If only 1 percent of Muslim men are recruitable to the Jihadi cause, that would equal over 7 million Jihadis. I'm sure there are far fewer active Jihadis than that but if the conflict should escalate, there is a ready reserve of potential Jihadis.

Judaism and Christianity have both been reformed over the centuries. They lack the power they used to have. The worst thing about Islam is that it's still unreformed. The Old Testament (Torah) has worse atrocities than you'll find in the Quran but the Quran is dominated by us-versus-them, Muslim-versus-infidel, rhetoric. The Quran gives ample license and cover to violent Jihad. Jihadis know that they'll be admired by most Muslims because they actually practice what the Quran preaches. They fully embody the Quran and follow Muhammad's example.

Of course, there are others who could care less about religion. The most cynical of them will gladly take advantage of the Quran's license to kill and join Jihadis and terrorists out of sheer bloodlust. It takes all kinds of people . . . but the Quran empowers the worst of them to join ranks and kill indiscriminately in the name of Allah.
Comment by Johnny on November 9, 2009 at 12:11pm
First, read my post on hate. There is a rational justification for not hating anyone. One day I think we can eliminate hate if the earth doesn't blow up or freeze over first.

Second, I have really enjoyed your posts on muslims, Free Thinker. I am not often exposed to muslims coming from a highly christian area, so I don't pretend to be able to debate with one effectively. What is your experience with muslims? Is your area highly muslim?
Comment by Atheist Exile on November 9, 2009 at 9:06am
Yes, Glen, there are, and will always be, hateful people. The problem with (unreformed) Islam is that it gives license and cover, to hateful people, for violent Jihad . . . including terrorism. As Muhammad was fond of saying, "We bring you glad tidings of grievous woe."

The extremists ARE the guns. Islam is the license to kill.



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