From Social Psychology, David G. Myers, 7th edit.2002 orig.1983 "ignorant about nature" bingo.

pg. 565

Clinicians are vulnerable too...

Beware of tendecy to see relationships that you expect to see or that are supported by striking examples readily available in your memory. Rely on your notes more than your memory. Recognize that hindsight is seductive: It can lead you to feel overconfident and sometimes to judge yourself too harshly for not having foreseen outcomes. Guard against the tendency to ask questions that assume your preconceptions are correct; consider opposing ideas and test them too. (Garb 1994)

Research on illusory thinking has implications not only for mental health workers but for all psychologists. What Lewis Thomas (1978) said of biology may as justly be said of psychology:
"the solidest piece of scientific truth I know of, the one thing about which I feel totally confident, is that we are profoundly ignorant about nature. Indeed I regard this as the major discovery of the past 100 years of biology... It is the sudden confrontation with the depth and scope of ignorance that represents the most significant contribution of the 20th century science to the human intellect. We are, at last, facing up to it. In earlier times, we either pretended to understand how things worked or ignored the problem, or simply made up stories to fill the gaps.

Psychology has crept only a little way across the edge of insight into our human condition...

Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.
-Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations, 1776

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