Ok so I took my Chevy Cobalt to the dealership to get some part replaced as part of a recall for free and in the process found out my car had another million things wrong with it. Yay. I had a feeling something was wrong with it anyway since it was turning sort of funny. On top of that my automatic keyless entry isn't working either. The paint is chipping on my passenger controls and the logo is looking bad. The car is only 5 yrs old. ARGHH! I love my Cobalt but I must admit it is testing my sanity by the problems it's having. I am sure my dad and everyone is shaking their head and saying "you should have bought a Honda and obviously the car was not built with the most high-quality parts" well there is nothing I can do about it now. I have bought the car and I still love my car otherwise. I mean it hasn't broken down on me yet and it is cute and I love the color and style. Still I am a bit disappointed by the way thing have gone! Please don't put any mean comments about my choice in car and Chevys, ok?

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