< Writers of the new testament 4+1 gospels (includes Acts) cribbed liberally from the OT, especially Isaiah. >>>

And where does The Book of Revelation fit in?  After all, it’s St. John the Divine’s bad LSD trip.  There has to be something sacred about that.

Aside:  How the heck do you get a name like St. John the Divine?  Do you think he called himself John the Divine?  He was a prisoner/slave working in the quarries on a remote Roman possession island called Patmos.  So the logical inference is that he so-called himself to his fellow prison/slaves and tyrannical slave masters. Surely, doing such important work, John must have spouted out his predictions to everybody he ran into.  "I tell you prepare yourselves for the Four Horsemen, the plague, war and famine.  Frogs, cockroaches, slimy worms and bloody lobsters everywhere. And don't forget about the anti-Christ, the sign of the beast and the infamous sick six six."    

A burly, leather-aproned slave driver must have said to himself:  “John the Divine, eh.  Another fuckin’ nut to deal with.  All right, John the Divine, you just keep hammering on this boulder stone ‘til you smack it to the size of grains of sand.  (He held up tiny specks of sand to show John the size he wanted.)  God will bless you and some day they’ll call you Saint John the Divine.” 

Outcome:  Two thousand years later The Book of Revelation is one of the widest read books in human history.  People live by it.  The true prophet was the slave driver and not the beloved saint.  

Morale:  One never knows do one? 

Ironic note:  The Cathedral of St. John the Divine up on Riverside Drive and 126th St in NYC is the largest house of worship in the United States.  




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Comment by Rich Goss on July 22, 2013 at 2:11pm

Given that reality, what is a sane, sensible, responsible response?

Right on, Joan! 

I have a few conclusions and considerations of my own to add to yours.  A lot of these deductions and suppositions are treated in Mirror Reversal

Love Gaia, we are Gaia’s children, not the Virgin Mary’s.  We have to stop this mindless, unbridled consumption of the planet we grew out of. 

Love Tethys, sister of Oceanus and daughter of Gaia and the Sky God Uranus.  The health of the great Panthalassic Ocean is the health of the planet.  Over 99% of a cell’s protoplasm is water.  Physically, water is what we are.

Appreciate every second of being alive.  Consider that the great time line since the Big Bang when time started is about 13.7 billion years.  Our “life line” as palm readers call it is around 80 years on average.  What are the chances of the two lines intersecting? 

From MR, “We’re all passengers on the cruise ship Gaia sailing down the wide river of time: that’s really what the Earth is, a cruise ship sailing through space at 70,000 miles per hour with a precious cargo of life that required eons to evolve.”   

I think if people accepted the above, there’d be a lot more tolerance in the world.  We’re all “human beans”, bundles of protein.  That’s all genes do, assemble amino acids that construct proteins. We're all just passengers with no idea or concept of the final destination.  All we know is there is no skipper.  

How different is the above from the “Children of God” concept, as if humans are God’s gift to the universe.  It's the arrogance, "hubris" of it that's so disturbing.  





Comment by Joan Denoo on July 22, 2013 at 11:37am
OK, there are crazy people running around saying insane things and gullible people eat it up like popcorn on movie night. That is a real challenge, not an imaginary one. These people want to and can destroy life on Earth as we know it.
Given that reality, what is a sane, sensible, responsible response?
Create healthy support systems that affirm sound principles and shed old fear mongering people with stories to arouse confusion.
Be skeptical of claims that have no other basis than superstition.
Speak up when nonsense becomes evident.
Enjoy life, with a full sense of gratitude for the ability to think.
Recognize compassion is a gift, that discussion and debate cn be healthy.
Celebrate diversity, in all its forms.
Be keenly aware of the intrusion of beliefs based on delusions in our public school system and political functioning.
Comment by Michael Penn on July 22, 2013 at 10:57am

Richard, your post hits it all right on the head! Most of these fundamentalist nutcases would think they are "helping god" by getting a nuke war started or in some other way bringing on the "end of the world." They would only realize the truth when Jebus did not appear to take over from there! This whole idea is very scarey and could under right circumstances become very real!

Comment by Rich Goss on July 22, 2013 at 9:38am

Thanks for the elucidating comment.  It’s frustrating to contemplate how many hucksters are making big bucks off this horseshit.  Ever listen to Rev. Jack Van Impe.  He’s got his flock waiting for Christ on a day to day basis.  He holds up newspaper clips stating how the Jews and the Palestinians had another skirmish.  Another clip says the Iranians don’t like the Jews.  Then there’re the Russians from the North and the Chinese from the East.  They’re dying to get their hands on Jerusalem because that’s where Christ died for our sins.  (Write that down and remember to pray.) 

What really disturbs me is the possibility of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Morons like Pres W. Bush destroying the world because they believe it’s going to happen anyway.  To add salt to the wound, fundamentalists will undoubtedly say as the world is perishing, “You see, it’s God’s will.  We were right all the time.”


Comment by Michael Penn on July 22, 2013 at 7:02am

Where does the Book of Revelation fit in? Nutcases have been asking themselves that question for 2000 years. A gas station attendant once asked me "how do you think it's all going to play out?" What she meant was the world scheme of things and the "end times" scenario. She wanted to know if I believed the end of our world and human history was predetermined and written in some book. Mankind following their destiny according to some book. How ignorant! Yes, but God wrote that book, they say. Again, how ignorant.

Revelation was a little bizarre, but it was warning of an impostor in their ranks. A man that would appear to be able to "call down fire from heaven." Lucid symbolism has the impostor closely allied with government of the time, and the book was warning the faithful not to be deceived. The writer goes on to express how he believed God would do things, even onto the "end of time."

There is a code used in this book (in true gematria) that revealed just who this religious impostor was. Nothing here was futuristic. Nothing here involved nuclear power or bombs. Nothing here involved a "time table" of events to come that people should watch for. No Hitler, no Stalin, no Obama. Just a warning of what was going on then in the religious world set up by Jeshua, and being changed already by others as the writer wrote his "revelation." The writer was warning everyone about the impostor, but hollywood, bad movies, and bad Christians wanting to make a buck have taken this all to extremes and laughed all the way to the bank! Over time the book became just more fodder for the gullible.

Comment by Clarence Dember on July 21, 2013 at 8:11pm
To think, Cannonization forcasting was most likely started by a slave driver. LOL



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