Consider this.
The majority of people in this country are religious and most of them are fundamentalist Christians. That means that those of us who hold a rational view of the world around us and who choose to think for ourselves are vastly outnumbered. The resulting lopsided electorate means the majority of the people in our government not only believe that global nuclear conflict is inevitable, they actually welcome it. That’s right. They welcome it, because, according to their beliefs, it will put an end to this “evil” world, which by there own admission, they are not a part of nor do they have a stake in, and usher in a new world ruled by a benevolent, magical being who will give them a place of honor in his new kingdom and throw the rest of us into a lake of burning brimstone to suffer in screaming agony for eternity. Think about that. The future of the planet is in the hands of a bunch of vindictive “children” with nuclear weapons!
Be afraid…Be very afraid!

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Comment by Gecko, of Richie! on April 20, 2009 at 1:01pm
If we voted as a block, we would be the largest minority in America, politicians would bend to our will.



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