Future Work Skills 2020

People with skills on the computer have a future, as far as employment goes. Individuals with talents such as those used here on Atheist Nexus will have the jobs of the future. Production of goods will continue to flow offshore, leaving the construction trades and service jobs for domestic employment. More people need training for international work.

The drivers pulling us toward change are   

1) increasing lifespan worldwide; 

2) increasing processing power; 

3) increasing social technologies; 

4) increasing of smart machines and robots;

5) increasing communication tools requiring new media literacy; 

6) increasing global interconnectivity valuing diversity and adaptability. 

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Comment by Grinning Cat on March 4, 2015 at 8:18pm

I noticed that one of the key skills identified here is computational thinking -- including analyzing problems at multiple levels of abstraction, decomposing them into more easily tackled parts, and creating algorithms for "generic" solutions that handle many variations of the problem. It's a "universally applicable attitude and skill set everyone... would be eager to learn and use" (as Jeannette Wing wrote to computer scientists)

I was glad to recently learn about the nonprofit Code.org, whose vision is that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. (It's not "about" the details of any particular computer system or programming language any more than astronomy is "about" telescopes. Whatever tools we're using in 20 years, the fundamental concepts that we learn while learning to write code will remain relevant.)

They have wonderful tools, tutorials, and games for people of all ages (some are aimed at ages "4-104", some for 8 and up, some for middle school and up). Most of them use visual programming -- you don't have to wrestle with a strict "grammar" of brackets and semicolons, but instead just snap blocks together to combine actions (and sensing and tests, etc.).

Try an hour of code! Dozens of things to try here: http://code.org/learn

(No need to sign up or sign in; just jump right in.)

Comment by Michael Penn on March 4, 2015 at 4:33am

While I agree with you, I just wish I could find my nitch on the computer and then work from home. Most at my work think that I have no computer skills even if I point out to them that I don't know the legacy system. My skills are with Windows and are more towards hacking. I can get done what I need done, but have found no great use for the legacy system that would follow my desires or domain.

Does it have to do with video, movies, and television? If it does that is where my expertise is at and that is what I do. A friend came by yesterday to find me watching Al Jazeera news on my TV and they showed the Nuttiyahoo speech to Congress in its entirety. Al Gore thinks he has fixed it to where you have to subscribe to this channel now. Well, Al Gore is wrong.



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