Don't know whether I told the one man and a dog that read this occasional blog, but I've set up a Yahoo! discussion group called Gaytheist. Sounds a bit like "Gay theist", I know, but we brainstormed the name and this seemed the best for a bunch of gay (and gay-friendly straight) freethinkers/secularists/atheists. There's precedent, in that there are one of two groups and/or blogs with "Gaytheist" in their name. And the rhyme with "atheist" probably overcomes the suggestion of a gay God fan.

Anyway, the best way for those who are interested (and we do have at least two straights on the list, so don't feel you have to bat for the other side in order to join) is to go to the Pink Triangle blog and look in the sidebar towards the top.

We've been up and running for only a couple of weeks, and have 20-odd members and some fairly lively discussion. It's always good to exchange links, comments, ideas, and we do have members on both sides of the Pond.

It's not censored (usual caveats apply: don't libel people, try not to flame, don't post anything illegal), so you can say what you like.

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Comment by Daniel W on August 31, 2009 at 11:18am
Yes, you did promote your group in your blog post on Aug 20th, as well as on the gay group here.

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