Genesis, what if?

I’m not sure where to put this, or even if I should. But I’ll put it here in the hopes that some will find it of interest.


Dear God,

I’m sure you know that over my 76 years I’ve never heard from you. Not a peep, not even an hallucinatory “Your OK, little Skippy, no polyps.” as I was coming out of the anesthesia after a colonoscopy. But, I’ve thought about you with great wonderment. I want to ask you something and I thought that this web site would probably be the best place, after all, I’m sure you visit frequently to collect naughty names to send to St. Peter down there at the gate.

Basically, I think you really screwed up with Genesis. After all that’s the foundation, the basis, the very essence and rational of your message and I would have thought that you would get it right, after all, you are omniscient, omnipresent, and timeless, so you really don’t have an excuse. Sure the ancient scribes had their agendas, but I would think you could have given them better guidance. Genesis...  Wow, what controversy and emotion are stirred up in all the Abrahamic religions by the conflict between what the Holy Scriptures describe and what science has revealed. Yea, I know you had to phrase it in language that could be sort of understood in ancient times, but If I could be so bold as to give you council on Genesis, this is what I would suggest you say.


“Ah, my children, you wonder who I am, how you came to be, and what the future holds for you. Have faith in that that you cannot understand and then you will know.  In the beginning there was the Thought that I am. There was nothing but timeless emptiness in your space, no substance, hence no energy and then from within the Thought there was the Essence, and the Essence went forth into matter. The Thought created the Essence with substance, and in great fire and intense cold the Essence brought the expression of the Thought from nothingness into existence. and it was within essence that the Thought became the Word, which I am to you.

Over dark time the Essence of the Thought brought together the energy of the fire of stars and from attraction created  the existence of air which became rock and water, and that was the beginning of stars and the worlds. The world of man, which was made for you, was designed for life from the beginning when the Thought created the Word. And just as the Word must follow the direction of the Thought through the Essence, so must fire, rock, water, and air follow the direction of the Thought. Life is deep within the direction of the Thought, the Essence and the Word and through the Word, life has the Essence of the Thought. The fullness of time was required for the seed of rock, water, fire, and air to become  the beginnings of life, and for life to grow and change and develop into all the many kinds of plants and animals that occupy your world. All life is interdependent and as you grow and learn you must protect the totality and the future of life.

The Essence within life has direction from the Word of the Thought, and you are the beginning of the culmination of that direction. Your world is composed of the substance of the earth and the plants of earth that feed on sustenance from the sun, the animals that feed on the plants, and the animals that feed on their like, and all are all are part of the growth and direction of life. Your world was designed to harbor the Essence of life that knows and controls itself, life that senses the Thought and the Word through the Essence. This life, your life, transcends, but depends upon the progression of existence. Inherent within the elements of existence are all the essentials, including time, for the development of life. Life changes as the world changes, progresses as it must, and over time the Essence of life leads to life comprehending life. Your purpose is to comprehend and build your existence with the intent of someday knowing the Thought and the Word through the Essence. And when you are ready, the Word will come and give you knowledge and direction for the long journey through life toward purpose. 

You are made of the elements of rock, water, fire, and air, and you must suffer the trials of physical existence as do the stars, the dust, and the worlds that combine to create existence. Your purpose is to strive through the Essence to understand the Thought and the Word, and to bring love for the Thought through the Word; and to share your Essence with that of others created from the Thought. Then you will come to know your purpose. Your future is yours to create or to destroy as you strive to find your meaning.”


Now, God, if something like this was in the ancient Holy Scriptures; perhaps in an ancient manuscript from the Dead Sea Scrolls, or something else unquestionably from thousands of years ago, well then, I would have to think long and hard about the origins of humanity through the long and turbulent seas of evolution, and was there any direction to natural selection. I wonder how the ancients would have thought  about their world if their God  had come closer to reality in his descriptions of the origins of the universe and life. Then the concept of a supernatural God that cares for its creations would be possible to consider. Something like that would have shown that you might be more than just a collective figment of human imaginations and creationism and evolution would be one.

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Comment by Martin A. Moe, Jr on August 10, 2014 at 9:46am

We’re basically on the the same page, Michael. I think we agree that religion, in the cultural sense (it’s a way of life and if you don’t follow it, you’re shunned and maybe killed), and in the supernatural,  emotional sense (God loves you and if you love him back, he’ll give you eternal life in your concept of heaven);  makes no sense, has no basis in reality, and throughout human history has always been the  most polarizing and destructive of cultural inventions. Long, long ago I was a math teacher for 9th grade, how I wished I had a “math pump” that I could stick a hose in the ears of my student and just pump the math in... I did learn however, that exasperation, belittlement, denigration, impatience, and ridicule quickly turned disinterest into outright rejection. Whereas presenting the material in a way that captured the interest of the students and allowed them to work out the answers on their own gave them a sense of accomplishment and sparked their interest in the subject. Sure, it didn’t work for a lot of them, but it did for many.

So what I am trying to do is to present as positive a case as possible for rationality in the place of supernatural belief without using militant negativity. There is a huge literature disputing the existence of supernatural beings, from Voltaire to Hawkins, to name just two. But it is difficult because (as I mentioned in a previous post) despite the obvious irrational basis of religious belief, argument against religious belief has an almost universal negative connotation. And those of us that argue against religion are usually dismissed with a patronizing “You poor thing, I’ll pray for you.” or in some cultures, “Stand over there by the wall so I can get a good shot.”

I'm interested in the kind of comments, if any, that I might get on this blog/post. Those that eschew religious and supernatural belief I think, by definition, use reason and analysis to build a world view and to express that view. How this comes across is important not only to like minds, but also to those that have some concerns about their acceptance of tortured history and gods, angels, and demons.

Comment by Michael Penn on August 9, 2014 at 10:38am

Would even this kind of writing have made us believe if it was found? Some want to claim it would and they have written other bullshit manuscripts in current times, adding in aliens and disembodied spirits, etc. That looks like catching the gullible by submitting more of the same. It doesn't work.

My idea would be that god, if he existed, should make himself known in a manner that could be renewed again every 10 years, and that way all of mankind would know about him regardless of time frame. If god really existed he could do this in ways we would have to accept. Every living being would know about god without their existing tons of holy books.

Instead, we do have all those holy writings and each one of them claims to be the true one and therefore the "true religion." They can all be proven the writings of men and dismantled by using logic, reason, and evidence. (Or the lack of evidence.) I would say "no evidence, then there is no god."

With all the holy books out of the way, this doesn't stop the "I wanna believe" crowd. They assume there could be a god anyway, but if so, this would make everyone a Deist because god is apparently not wanting any contact with us. Why would we then be trying to contact him?

No god because of no evidence. If he exists he doesn't care. Why should we? Does anybody want desparately to worship something that doesn't care?

It makes no sense really.



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