Even after 2 years in Germany I'm still shocked by how discrimination is integrated into the German culture and laws,

Your shock starts when you arrive and get bombarded by questions in  official forms which ask you about your Faith example: the Work Agency "Agentur für Arbeit" forms

I attended a course on how to write the German CV AKA Lebenslauf, and that was a very disturbing time:

Mandatory things in the German CV: your photo, your country of birth, your Gender, your family status, your age

Things that are recommended to include because you will be asked in the Interview:

how many children you have. are you pregnant or not, do you have a boyfriend (if you are a woman) what is your religion and are you a Catholic or a Protestant.

then if you have Children 99.99% they will be sent to the hauptschule which will automatically prevent them from attending a University. according to the Guardian: "Germany's immigrant children have the worst education record in the developed world."

60% of the students in hauptschulen - the lowest level of German high school - are immigrants (second or third Generation), while only 10% of the students at the highest level of school, the gymnasium, come from foreign backgrounds.

Then the laws, or especially the basic law which is their constitution: (look how some laws only apply to Germans and some to everyone)

Article 8 [Freedom of assembly]
(1) All Germans shall have the right to assemble peacefully and unarmed without prior notification or permission.

Article 9 [Freedom of association]
(1) All Germans shall have the right to form corporations and other associations.
Article 11 [Freedom of movement]
(1) All Germans shall have the right to move freely throughout the federal territory.

Article 12 [Occupational freedom]
(1) All Germans shall have the right freely to choose their occupation or profession, their place of work and their place of training. The practice of an occupation or profession may be regulated by or pursuant to a law.

So you could be born in Germany and so are your parents and have the status as non-German which will deprive you many rights (wanting to move to another city or protest against unlawful work conditions) 



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Comment by Michael Penn on December 24, 2017 at 8:09am

It will be much more like that in America before long. They are working on it right now and freedoms we used to have are constantly changing. This continues and we have less and less freedom. People control is where it's at today, and it's done in the name of our "safety." My concern is that it is all about their safety and not that of the people. Much of it is actually not lawful. This is why you here about those wanting to change the Constitution. Doing so will appear to make it all "lawful" as those in power do exactly what they want to do.



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