"Giraffes in Hiding: The Mythical Memoirs of Carol Novack:" A literary collection without serious allusions to God, blessings, and all that nonsense.

If you enjoy imaginative writing with rhythm, allegories, prose poems, and assorted fictional fusions, you might enjoy my fully illustrated collection, available at amazon.  Aside from the 5 star customer reviews, writers have said:


Carol Novack proves once again that she is the all-time champion of wild,
wigged out, original prose/poetry and poetic prose. The first
collection of her work is a feast of fusions, inventions, myths,
dreams, forms,
and possibilities. There’s no one like Novack, and here she is at her
best as
she chases her ontological tail round and round the intelligible,
worlds of her subconscious (and ours). Think Alice in Wonderland on acid
simultaneously dancing with Tristan Tzara, Rimbaud, Oedipus, Pandora,
Gertrude Stein, Proust, Kerouac, and that weird kid next door who ate
of the heads off your Barbie Dolls and you’ll begin to get a feel for
what she’s up to.
of Breaking The
et al.

 THE most seductive, original, impacting work I have seen for years. A fascinating
 combination of Kerouacian
street-talk plus a trip through the museum of Modern
Art in Chicago, plus a nod-off
to Kosty's furthest out experimentalism. Magnifique!  

Hugh Fox

Carol Novack's Giraffes in Hiding mirrors our weltanschauung by using its own language against it or
by using its own language to pry open the circus hidden within it. If
we say the world is insane or we
say the world is a manic whirl, Novack embraces manic insanity with a
great hug of laughter. She
flings images, characters, ideas, and language around until they all,
finally losing, - no, abandoning -
their moorings, collide, crash, ka-bang one into another creating
nuclear reactions of the non-sense
that is even Emily Dickinson's "divine sense," although Novack would
certainly hurl those two words
(and that idea) against each other until they radiated. To read this
book is to bring the giraffes
out of hiding!   Martin Nakell

She's great at creating a Freudian cage, & trapping the reader in it.
'Tis very powerful.   Rae Desmond Jones

She has the literary equivalent of perfect pitch, like those musicians who can
specify the hertz of
birds and burps. Uncanny tympani!    Tom Bradley

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