Girls Trip: Movie Review:

Where to start with this one is difficult. I was dragged to see it by my wife. Well, I’m glad she did. “Girls Trip” is an uproarious film filled with ridiculosity, nasty comedy and excellent performances by Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, and Tiffany Haddish. However, Tiffany Haddish steals most of the movie's most hilarious scenes.

If you like to laugh, this is a film for you. It reached number one at the Box Office and acclaim for the little known Tiffany Haddish. While some critics poo-poo this film, fans said otherwise with their pocket books. In fact, many returned to see it again because they laughed over some of the dialogue.

If you’re looking for Shakespeare, you won’t find him here. This movie is about silliness. It does have some semblance of a story as one of the girls Ryan (Regina Hall), a best-selling author, is chosen to deliver the keynote address at the Essence Festival, in New Orleans. She invites her friends and quickly she finds out that her husband and business partner (Mike Colter) is having an affair with a younger woman (Deborah Ayorinde). From there the story takes off as the girls try to avoid trying to tell Ryan the truth about her husband but Dina can’t keep a secret and tells it all including all the details. From there the fun begins.

This movie is truly funny. In fact, it is hilarious. Some of the humor is strictly adult but before you can catch your breath another humorous scene occurs and takes your breath away. If you are feeling down, go see this movie. From what I thought was going to to be a chick-flick I found comedy galore and I give this movie five stars out of five stars. I almost pissed on myself! I went back to hear the parts I laughed over and nearly busted my bladder trying to hold my pee.

Dunkirk: Movie Review

“Dunkirk is a new Christopher Nolan movie is set in 1940, during the mass evacuation of British and French troops from northern France to the relative safety of England. Although the movie marks a pivotal turn in the Second World War with the mass evacuation of troops from Dunkirk, the movie is an exercise in boring especially one happens to know the story. Despite the bombs and machine guns, it is a retelling of a story that has little appeal and misses all the key points of making the withdrawal in the first place.

The key actors are easily forgettable in this dragging saga done so poorly that it seems like a college film project. It is not much of a war picture and neither is it a good suspense movie seeing the outcome is all already known. Drama? In what could have been a drama filled recounting of history this film some how managed to produce little if any. Although many critics gave this film high marks I am wondering if they slept through the film only awakening when an explosion occurred. I bought the hype and went to see it. I was highly disappointed when I left. Bluntly, it sucked! But, not to worry, I'm sure this one will receive an Academy Award nomination. If you've ever had an American history class more than likely it was vastly more exciting than this movie. The film was such a bust despite the hype it was off the major screens in less than two weeks. Only chumps like me believed the hype. It was very much the case of how religion started when the first idiot met the first con man.

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Comment by Michael Penn on August 13, 2017 at 12:10pm

As former military I'm a strange one. I would not care for Dunkirk although it might be very good. I don't like war movies. Saving Private Ryan creates a big matter of disbelief for me by its very title. I've never watched it. We have forgotten many but we will save one private? I doubt it.

On the other hand, Girls Trip could be enjoyable and very funny.

Comment by Donald R Barbera on August 13, 2017 at 10:17am
Glen--First this movie isn't even on the chart compared to Saving Private Ryan, another movie I've watched several times. I like your idea of comparing critics ratings, box office, ratings and personal ratings that would be interesting.
Comment by Frankie Dapper on August 13, 2017 at 10:06am

Donald, the beginning of the movie was a tease...the guy getting water, the quiet scene on deserted street and then bang...but it never happened and when i compare that to Private Ryan in which i was riveted it really did fail. 

Fun topic would be movies with greatest discrepancy between public perception/movie critics and our own appraisal...

Comment by Donald R Barbera on August 13, 2017 at 8:51am
Spud--I think we all have seen them. Yesterday, I watched Ghost Protocol again. Obviously, I'd already seen, but I sat there and watched it like I'd never seen it before. Hardly a great movie but action and suspense make up for all the movie's faults for me. Although Tom Cruise lost my vote with his Scientology conversion. Still, it's hard for me not to get into a Mission Impossible episode. I watched every episode of the original series and it's back on and my sons have discovered it.
Comment by Donald R Barbera on August 13, 2017 at 8:42am
Glen--You said what I wanted to say. Yes, it wanted to be a good but never a level of intensity that must have been there on that beach. Although there were bombings and machine gun fire it didn't seem like anyone was truly afraid in what have been a horrible situation. The character development was extraordinary weak. I know it focused on the young kid and h did what he could, but I never figured out the man who stood on the pier with his hands behind his back. He seemed to be in charge but I'm not sure. A better screen play and a different director might have made a difference.
Comment by Idaho Spud on August 13, 2017 at 7:50am

Thanks for the warning about Dunkirk.  Talking about the outcome, I've seen some movies that a good director can create good suspense even though we know the outcome.

I'm going to check-out Girls Trip.  I love a good comedy.

Comment by Frankie Dapper on August 13, 2017 at 1:03am

Saw Dunkirk.  It wanted to be a good movie but it wasn't.  It did not sufficiently capture the horror nor did it do anything with character development or even much in the way of depicting the history in a revealing way. 

Not as negative as you are Donald as to this film but you are right aint no great shakes.



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